Thursday Ten: Stage Makeup and Panicked Mothers edition

1. The Princess arrived home from school yesterday, plastered with makeup from her school musical dress rehearsal. I’m not unfamiliar with the practice of slathering your face with makeup for stage stuff – just…wasn’t prepared for my kid to look SO OLD. And she did. I was relieved when she scrubbed the makeup off and looked her age again. She’s beautiful without all that stuff. I know it’s cliche but, she doesn’t need it.

2. Her musical is this evening, and her first gymnastics meet is this weekend and whoa it’s kind of ALL ABOUT HER the next few days. That’s okay, it’s all fun stuff. She’s been working hard – can’t wait to see her work in action.

3. Sometimes when I’m watching HGTV, I want to grab the realtors by the shoulders and shake them and say, “YOU’RE WORKING TOO HARD TO SELL IT. YOU’RE LOOKIN’ DESPERATE.” (And then I think less than eloquent things like “you can’t polish a turd” – a saying I hate, but it’s what comes to mind when the realtor is all “Oooh look at these arched doorways” and the potential buyers are like “Duuuuuude, the kitchen is LIME GREEN, though.”

4. The wheels of planning are turning for the annual Cookie Party. I wish I could remember what year I started it – but I do love it. It’s one of my favorite holiday traditions. Hundreds of cookies. Tons of sugary frosting goo. Sprinkles galore. And the kiddos and their friends.
100 | 365

5. I cannot believe Thanksgiving is next week already. I’m so ready to eat turkey and stuffing, though. It’s definitely one of my favorite meals on the planet. Also? I don’t have to cook. I just get to show up and eat great food. So full (of win).

6. It’s taken me over a week with this book I’ve been reading – and I’m still not done. I can’t tell if the book is that bad or if I haven’t been reading enough (both).

7. I’ve modified my work schedule to allow for four shorter days versus three normal ones — mostly out of necessity. I’m not sure how I feel about it – but we do the things we gotta do, right? And who knows, the shorter days might be good. I have been so busy in the office that it might be a nice change of pace to leave a bit earlier and spread the work out to a fourth day. We’ll see. There’s certainly less traffic when you leave work at an off peak time, which is nice.

8. Cooking Light had a ton of crock pot recipes in this month’s issue and all I’ve been thinking since is, “YUMMMMM Cuban pork and black beans and rice.” My shorter work day means I have time to cook dinner – but I love to use the crock pot. Especially in winter months. Coming home to the smell of a delicious food cooking is heavenly.

9. I lost my eyeliner so I look very tired.

10. We haven’t even had the first real snow fall and already I’m craving the end of winter or a trip to a warmer climate. Not sure how I’m gonna make it through this winter! Every time autumn comes to an end and the days start getting shorter and COLDER, I wish I lived somewhere I could wear jeans and tee shirts and hoodies all year – no snow boots, no jackets, no hats, no gloves. But nope. Here I am. Freezing my ass off. Again.

Thursday Ten: Let the March Madness Begin!

1.I filled out brackets for the NCAA basketball hooey. I do it every year. I do it knowing that I really don’t have much of a clue about basketball and basically I am flying by the seat of my pants – I don’t look at stats or what seed they are or any of that mumbo-jumbo. The funny thing? Usually I stomp the people who spent hours of research time creating their bracket choices. Suckers. (EDIT: I should point out that as of 8:30 p.m. Eastern on Thursday, my brackets are not looking too good. In fact, they’re looking pretty dismal. That’s what I get for gloating about my fantabulous guessing skills. They have failed me. They have failed me big).

2. My favorite WordPress guru has updated my site here – which I love – but what I love most of all is that now this is mobile friendly. If you bookmark me on your phone (and you totally should), you won’t have to work too hard to find me while you’re sitting in a dentist’s office waiting for a root canal or hanging out in the pickup line at school.

3. The weather this week? AH-MAZE-ING. The girls have been out drawing in the driveway with sidewalk chalk (there’s a nice drawing of Count Dorkula that I’m pretty sure The Princess had a hand in creating). Two outdoor runs this week so far. Love love love.

4. Last night I went out to dinner with a friend of mine. It was St Patrick’s day, so… Italian food, right? Anyway – it was awesome to catch up with her and after dinner we ordered dessert. Dessert in a shot glass is just NOT ENOUGH DESSERT. It sure was tasty, but… I coulda eaten two more.

5. Taking Pumpkin with me to guitar lessons is not always the most fun way to go – but for now with our schedule it’s what we’re dealing with. She’s been fine til now – today she was “booooooooooored.” Even with a full pad of PostIts at her disposal she just wanted to get out of there and get home. Kind of makes it a little less fun for moi.

6. Speaking of guitar – wrapped up Ingrid Michaelson and started working on a Citizen Cope song – it’s about time to make a new CD of songs I want to work on for guitar. Any ideas? (NO FREEBIRD).

7. March is National Reading Month so my calendar has been filled with special reading-related activities for both of the girls at school. Every day is SOMETHING – today was “Bring Your Favorite Book Day” for The Princess. Tuesday, Pumpkin had “Read a Hat Day” (for which she picked a hat that had no writing on it!). None of these things are mandatory as far as the teacher is concerned, but heaven forbid you are the mom that forgets any of these. I can’t wait until April.

8. Rolling Stones week on American Idol. Meh. Watching the show the other night made me realize I only know three songs by the Rolling Stones. And I really have no desire to know more. (But yes, I like the Beatles, so… yeah).

9. All you camera geeks (I mean that lovingly, you know. MWAH. Big kisses, camera people) – if I was lookin’ to upgrade from my point and shoot to a DSLR, what should I get? And why? Tell me why you love your camera. Pretty please?

10. I think I want to live in a country where afternoon siestas are totally the norm. I could totally siesta right now. For hours. Too much to do, not enough energy. Mr. President: Mandatory siestas, please.

Thursday Ten: I Forgot It Was Thursday Edition

1. Not having guitar lesson really does a number on my having those anchors in my week so I know what day it is. I was just thinking to myself, “Self, you don’t have anything that you can talk about in length for a blog post.” Then I told myself that it was Thursday so I could be random. Me and my self were enthused. And, yes, dorktastic.

2. Today was Pumpkin’s last day of school until fall. I have been busting my booty all week trying to get her doctor’s office to fill out the medical form to enroll her for next year (they lost it – fun times). I turned it in today only to be told, “Since she’s due for so many immunizations in July, just get a new form. We’re not required to turn these in until September.” Then WHY DID YOU SAY I HAD TO HAVE IT IN NOW?!?! (Also, poor kid – turns four and is due for five immunizations… And I don’t want to have the immunization debate. I immunize and that is my choice for my fam).

3. The Princess’s last day of school is tomorrow. Since Pumpkin was at school today, I took The Princess out to lunch (They had a half day so the staff could have a potluck for someone who is retiring – which I thought was lame – because though it was easy for ME to shift my schedule to accomodate a last minute half day, I imagine it was significantly harder for other families). She chose McDonalds. Most of y’all know, I won’t eat MickeyD’s. Every parent must have had the same idea – the line for the drive through went ALL THE WAY AROUND the “restaurant”. But she insisted that’s what she wanted… so I waited. Next time, I’ll have to PICK the place so that we can actually sit down and eat the nice lunch I’d envisioned rather than her chowing on a cheeseburger in the back seat and me eating gumdrops for lunch at home.

4. With summer starting, our mother’s helper will be returning. The girls are THRILLED that she’ll be back, and I’ll be thrilled to have that time to get things done.

5. I signed up for NHL texts for the playoffs and it doesn’t work. They are supposed to text after every goal and at the end of each period. With a score of 2 – 1 (Detroit) in the second period, I should have received four texts by now. Nothing. FAIL.

6. I need a surefire way to get these kids to stay in bed at bedtime. Tucked in Pumpkin 90 minutes ago, and The Princess nearly an hour ago. They’ve both come up with 104 reasons to come downstairs. Repeatedly. Gah!

7. Feels so weird to have had a week with no cake-baking after my serial birthday treat baking bonanza last week.

8. I’m reading Nora Ephron’s “I Feel Bad About My Neck” and dreading getting older and getting the crepey old-lady turkey gobble neck.

9. The Princess came home from school the other day to tell me she had some special testing done for reading. She’s about thirty levels higher than the level the kids should have reached by the end of the school year. I haven’t received any information from the school (which is always charming), but I hope they find ways to challenge her in second grade with regards to her reading.

10. Have you voted in the BlogLuxe awards yet? My lovely Rachel (Monkeys & Princesses: A Southern Fairytale) is nominated for Tastiest Blog – and her MouthWatering Mondays are AMAZING. You can vote once per day for awhile (I think the end date is in July). Also there are several other categories… Guilty Pleasure Blog, Blog You Learn the Most From, and Eye Candy (photography). Check it out!

Thursday Ten: Catch Up Mode Edition

1. I woke up yesterday, got out of bed, stood up and was immediately so dizzy I had to sit down while brushing my teeth. Got downstairs and was so queasy I couldn’t see straight so I plopped down on the couch and basically didn’t move all day. All day long, I thought, Oh crap. I’m getting sick. By the end of the day I realized that what I had was a migraine. The symptoms were different than my typical migraine – as my first symptom is usually an extremely high sensitivity to smells – but that symptom didn’t hit me until about 6 p.m. and after that I realized what I’d been dealing with all day. I popped several ibuprofen and put an ice pack on the base of my neck as a friend suggested (brrrrr) and by about 8 p.m., I was feeling quite a bit better.
2. Consequently, I didn’t get much done yesterday and my to-do list for today? SCARY. I’ve been chugging through, getting things done though – so it’s a little less frantic right now.
3. Finally figured out the new right hand strumming technique I learned last week and as of today, I am up to tempo (WHOOOO) and able to play the whole song (With some obvious goofs here and there because the Dsus4 chord after the G chord sometimes gets muddled. By sometimes I mean A LOT).
4. On Friday, I hit my fundraising goal for my breast cancer walk and I am thrilled. For those of you who donated and offered me words of support and encouragement: THANK YOU. It’s an amazing cause that deserves our support and I’m thrilled to be taking part and just amazed at the generousity of people.
5. Started learning “Crash Into Me” by Dave Matthews Band in guitar lesson today. This is not my favorite DMB song. Not by a mile. It vaguely feels like getting stuck playing “Viva la Vida” again.
6. American Idol rock week. Well… Hmph. Not sure how I feel about it. My favorite in the competition is Kris, but I wouldn’t have been surprised if he’d gotten the boot. I liked his version of “Come Together” – considering that it’s a pretty stupid song (have y’all ever listened to the lyrics?). Surprised to see Alison go, but I think we all figured Guyliner Adam wasn’t going anywhere.
7. By the way, Slash is aging surprisingly well. I’m stunned.
8. I had to fill out a learning style survey for The Princess to help the school select a teacher for her for 2nd grade next year. I am really hoping that the school talks to her current teacher to get a better idea of her learning style – she’s pretty smart and I am so worried about her getting bored.
9. This week I ordered some stuff from Sephora. I love Sephora. It’s not even just the products – I love the free samples too. If you’re a products kinda person, please check out Beauty for Babies at the March for Maddie site. This week there are going to be several lots up for bid – and they’ll clearly mark the retail price – that you can bid on to benefit the March of Dimes. Awesome, right? Check it out. Note: they can only ship to the US and Canada.
10. In preschool, Pumpkin somehow earned a gift card for free pizza for “reading”. (I’m not sure how that happened, because while I think my children are definitely smart kids, I KNOW my three year old isn’t REALLY reading). Anyway, tomorrow just me and my little Pumpkin are going out for a pizza lunch and I’m kind of looking forward to having a special lunch with her. And pizza. I’m looking forward to pizza.

Thursday Ten: Just How Much Rain Do We Really Need Edition

1. If April showers indeed bring May flowers than I expect to see flowers springing out of every possible surface next month because sheesh, there’s been a lot of rain. I have a neighbor who usually has three or four sprinklers on at once watering his lawn in the afternoons (I can’t even begin to imagine what he must pay for water!) – but I’m thinking April is going to be a pretty cheap month for him. I haven’t seen his sprinklers on, not even once.

2. I have decided to drink more water. I do this occasionally when I realize that hydrating solely by way of Coke Zero and Starbucks isn’t exactly hydrating. I only like to drink water when it’s super cold, and I forgot how quickly water runs through your body. I’m not nearly as productive with work when I’m drinking this much water.

3. Swine Flu. Sooooo, are you worried about it? I have actually avoided reading much of anything about it at all until lately. Though I guess if there is any silver lining in the hysteria it’s that maybe more people will wash their hands. THAT? That’s AWESOME.

4. Just when I thought I’d finally gotten the song down in guitar class, my teacher added in a new technique. This is good because it will sound more like Matt Nathanson’s version. On the downside? Now I have to get my head used to the new technique. I’ll get it but I’m gonna have to slooooow waaaaaay doooooown.

5. Greasy pizza, that sounds good.

6. American Idol this week… The Standards. Y’know, I really forgot how much I love the song “Someone to Watch Over Me”. Every time I hear it I think, “I loooove that song.” Then it pops out of my head. I didn’t really care who got voted off. All the people who annoy me are gone. That happened pretty early this year – usually there’s one that I can’t stand up until the final three or better (Taylor Hicks? Never liked him).

7. Next week in guitar I guess we’ll be learning “Crash Into Me” by Dave Matthews. Somehow, I’m less than enthusiastic. I like DMB a lot more now having seen them live, but “Crash”? Meh. Oh well.

8. My best friend was so so gracious to loan me her camera when mine bit the dust last week (it only bit it in a minor way, but major enough that I can’t fix it on my own and the cost to fix it really makes no sense). Loooove her camera – I have taken a lot of good shots with it and am convinced her Sony is magic to make even the most craptastic photographer seem alright.

9. Gearing up to start planning The Princess’s birthday party. She’s going to be SEVEN next month. Seven. Dang. Where does the time go? (And OMG, she wants to invite a huge gaggle of girls – I think that’s going to be one crazy day).

10. Another week of no new music. Nothing has appealed to me. Maybe next week.

Thursday Ten: Venturing Through Nature Edition

1. It’s hard to come up with things to do on Spring Break to amuse a six year old and a three year old at the same time. Yesterday’s story time and movie seemed to be the biggest hit (both free, by the way – with the exception of the movie popcorn. Not free, but the popcorn was better than the movie so it was money well spent). Today, Pumpkin is at school so The Princess and I have been trying to get stuff done. I am not on spring break – I’m still working – so I haven’t been a cruise director today, but she’s done an awesome job entertaining herself by making a birthday card for my sis and doing some other craft projects that involve lots of glue.

2. I was just vacuuming the crumbs off our dining room table (It sounds ridiculous, but its top is like planks – and the crumbs get stuck between the “planks” — easier to just get the vacuum out and get it clean that way). I accidentally vacuumed up The Princess’s lip gloss. That Dyson? AMAZING suction.

3. This weekend we will be doing a balloon launch for Maddie. It’s really still amazing to me how people have come together in her memory to do great things already – the donations to March of Dimes has almost reached $20,000 and a lot of people are taking their blogs purple for her.

4. This afternoon, The Princess and I went on a walk on a trail for a breath of fresh air. As we walked by the river The Princess told me all about animals and was particularly thrilled to see dozens of turtles sunning themselves on a branch in the river. She also treated to me to such gems as, “I would TOTALLY expect to see some amphibians around here” and “Did you know ducks are waterproof?” (Then she explained how ducks coat themselves with oil and, “You know, mom, oil and water DO NOT mix.”). She is wicked smart.

5. I can’t help but think that more than, say…. four turtles on one branch is excessive.

Thursday Ten: Vida La Hooey Edition

1. So, yesterday I make a point of saying that I *HATE* that Coldplay song and then today during my guitar lesson, my teacher starts playing something and the familiarity of the chords registered in my head and I groaned and said, “ARGH! I hate this song!” She made me learn it anyway – apparently the chord progressions are pretty common. Faaaantastic.

2. I also started learning “Wonderwall” by Oasis. Better. Much better.

3. My mom just loaned me “The Host” by Stephanie Meyer because I breezed through the Twilight series. I read two pages. I shut the book. I started rereading “Twilight” until I can pick up another book to fill my time.

4. Tuesday was nearly 70 degrees, yet TOMORROW is “Read at the Beach” day at The Princess’s school. Yes – shorts, sunglasses, flip flops… that’s the dress code for the day. That’s fantastic. Here’s hoping I can talk her into putting some sweat pants (or SNOW pants!) over her shorts for when she’s outside.

5. You’d think I’d be used to the weather change in Michigan – yet when we have a nice warm spell like we’ve had, I always get my hopes up that it’s going to stay that way. No such luck.

6. I got a green cappuccino on St Patrick’s Day. Initially, I thought it was really cute – all that fluffy green foam on the top. Then, after it sat around while I was working and the coffee and the foam part mixed? That looked pretty gross. Oh well. So much for being festive.

7. American Idol. It was country week this week… I am not typically a country fan, but when Brad Paisley sang “Then” last night, I downloaded it. I love it. Go figure. Next week is Motown week… That should be a little easier to tolerate. Trying to figure out ahead of time who is going to sing “My Girl”.

8. It’s hard to start the day when it’s still so dark in the morning. I looked out the kitchen window this morning to see a half moon still bright in the sky so I called Pumpkin over to look. She decided that birds must have flown up to the moon and broken it into pieces because it wasn’t the whole moon.

9. I spent last weekend baking like crazy for a bake sale to raise money for the breast cancer walk… I have another bake sale next week. It’s definitely a lot of work raising money, but it’s for an awesome cause, and I love baking. Oddly, most stuff sold… except the cupcakes.

10. I don’t really care about basketball. At all. But Michigan beat Clemson tonight. So, whoooo! Go Blue. Beyond that, I didn’t even fill out brackets this year. I usually do because I think it’s interesting to see how someone who doesn’t follow the sport does compared to those who do. I actually usually do pretty well – which is essentially dumb luck.

Thursday Ten: Why Can’t I Think Of Anything Witty? Edition

1. First of all – My winner of the SEAL giveaway: Linda! I asked The Princess to randomly pick a number and Linda’s was picked! You’re going to LOVE this cd, Linda!

2. In guitar lesson today, I learned palm muting and percussive strumming which all sounds way more interesting than it really is. It’s actually a bit trickier than it sounds – or it is to me anyway, but it’s a cool concept anyway.

3. I’ve been listening to Missy Higgins’s “Where I Stood” a lot today. I heard it on the way to guitar lesson and less than two hours later, on my way home. Then I downloaded it. Then I listened to it on YouTube. I guess it was on Grey’s Anatomy, but I missed it. Very pretty song.

4. I am still slowly muddling my way through “Catch-22”. This was one of my projects for my 101 List, and I have to say – it’s amusing, but I don’t love it (sorry Joe). I’ve been working on it for a month now – I read a few chapters and then set it aside for something else. At this rate, it’ll be June before I finish this freakin’ book.

5. I’m back to being engrossed by American Idol. My reality television watching is a bit sick – and not “sick” in that cool way that people who are way cooler than me say that something is “Sick” and mean that it’s the most amazing-super-awesome-thang on the planet. No, sick like there is totally something about this habit that I should be embarassed by (but I’m not). And all I’ve gotta say is that if that whiny crybaby comes back as a wild card, I’m gonna be annoyed.

6. Tax. Season. Sucks.

7. I am so NOT a shopper, but I have this crazy need for retail therapy today. I keep thinking of all the things I want – I want some shoes, new books that haven’t been read by anyone else, warm sweaters, a funky hat. I am going to have to feed the urge. It’s really odd (and probably related to #6).

8. I just scrubbed my floors this afternoon. Winter annoys me – all the sand and salt put down on ice gets tracked in, and then it’s dragged all over the floors. My lovely Dyson is a way easy substitute for sweeping that stuff up, but I still have to mop. I don’t own a mop, so I rock it Cinderella style (as Jenny said) and actually SCRUB the floors. Because I heart the planet, I use vinegar instead of some toxic hooey, so my house smells kind of like Easter eggs right now.

9. I continuously prove how fantastically dorky I am. I have now made up a song for my children about their winter clothes. In fact, me and my daughters all sang it together this morning while getting Pumpkin ready for school. And I want to say that it was the lamest thing you could ever imagine – but I’d be lying because it was really super cute (“I am Pumpkin’s glove, I am Pumpkin’s glove, I keep her hands from getting cold…”).

10. According to the iTunes Play Count, I have listened to “Where I Stood” by Missy Higgins four times in the writing of this post. Huh. What is your favorite song these days?

Thursday Ten: Some Days Are Like That Edition

1. Sometimes I have a truly fantastic time at guitar lesson, other times (like today), I can’t seem to wrap my head around the most basic of concepts and can’t seem to get my fingers and brain to work in conjunction and then it’s all garbled crap. And those days are hard. Still working on Beethoven, and then some funky notes and I had to figure out the counting and the picking and it was one of those times where even after I said something, I had zero understanding of what it was that I just said and even less understanding in how I was going to execute it. Fantastic. Fantastically crappy.

2. New music of the week. TONS. Tons and tons and tons. I can’t list it all – but basically, in a quest to build a workout playlist for my 101 List, I listened to a lot of amazing music last week — and my iPod is a little happier for the process.

3. When I dropped Pumpkin off at school today a little boy rushed up to meet us – so excited to see my little girl. He said several times, “She’s my girlfriend!” My girl? She walked right past him without paying him any attention. Huh. That’s awesome. She can keep ignoring boys til she’s 25. Fine by me.

4. We have some serious snow falling now. I ventured out for my guitar lesson not realizing that the roads had gotten so craptastic since dropping off Pumpkin – but yikes! Slippery. Now big fat flakes are falling and I’m not liking it. Really, winter – you can be done anytime.

5. Speaking of… Groundhog’s Day is coming up. If that stupid little rodent says there’s going to be a longer winter, I may have to take a road trip to Punxatawny (seriously, is that how you spell it? No clue, and I’m not up for Google) to bludgeon a groundhog*.

6. Today might be a perfect day for some Five Minute Chocolate Cake. I have a four pound bag of chocolate chips in my pantry beggin’ to be used (don’t ask why I have so much chocolate chips, I just do).

7. One of my things on my 101 List is to get my karaoke on. Let me be clear: It’s not because I think I have a surplus of singing talent that needs to be shared with the world. Oh no. No no. Though I don’t think I would make a “worst ever” list, I’m less than fabulous BUT – I love karaoke (because I’m a dork). What is your favorite song for karaoke? Seriously?

8. I’ve decided I need a shirt that says “because I’m a dork”. I say it a lot. I’m dorktastic. I embrace it. Maybe it’s time to get the puffy paint out.

9. Somehow, I have a sneaking suspicion that school is going to be closed tomorrow. I hope to b e wrong.

10. After finishing “Revolutionary Road”, I picked up Candace Bushnell’s “One Fifth Avenue”. Just so you know, I am knee deep in a complete fluff read and though it’s not as good as “Sex and the City”, so far it’s better than “Lipstick Jungle”. But honestly: Fluff. I should be embarassed, but I’m not. So there.

*Disclaimer: I love all animals and would not really bludgeon one. Even a stupid groundhog who deserves it.

Thursday Ten: Since When Does The Word Suck Have to Be Censored?

1. For starters and in new music of the week, I heard Kelly Clarkson’s new song “My Life Would Suck Without You” – only it’s listed on iTunes as “My Life Would S**k Without You”. Which is lame. Almost as lame as the song itself which features generic lyrics and a wanna-be P!nk vibe. And not in a good way. The song? It s**ks.

2. Spent a full guitar lesson today working on “Fur Elise” (Where’s mah doohickey for the u!?). Spent the whole time talking legato versus staccato and how to “arpeggiate” as much as you can. So how is it coming along? Better than last week, for sure, but a long way to go. Actually the whole concept of “legato” (smooth, connected notes) made a lot of sense and if I can just get my brain used to thinking a few notes ahead of my fingers, I’ll be doing that much better.

3. Within thirty minutes today, I got hit with not one, but TWO donations for my Avon Two Day Walk for Breast Cancer. I’m 21% of the way for my fundraising goal – which is awesome – as y’all know, the fundraising part has been scarier to me than the walking nearly forty miles part. Yeah, I don’t get it either.

4. I remain inspired and so moved by the new President and all the festivities on Tuesday. Yesterday’s paper and its coverage of the inaugural events made me cry. I know it’s partly because I’m a mush, but partly because it’s nice to feel hope about the direction in which we’re going. Hope is good.

5. This cold has quite certainly morphed into a sinus infection and my doctor is out of the office for the next two weeks. SUPER. Here’s hoping one of the fabulous nurses will just call in antibiotics for me rather than make me come in and see the Dr. McCreepy. And I don’t want that. I’ve managed to avoid the man for a year and I don’t think it’s time to break that streak yet.

6. Daily, I am amazed by the sheer amount of paper The Princess brings home from school. I am quite certain that not all the families in our school district are as crazy about hugging their trees as ours is, but dang – at least five sheets of paper daily. Multiply that by 24 kids in her class? That’s a whole lot of paper. It frustrates me.

7. I’ve fallen out of my workout routine from being sick and it’s been a slow road trying to get back into it.

8. Watching my kids play Wii is the funniest freakin’ thing ever. The Princess makes it a full body sport. She was playing a paper airplane game in EA Playground last night. I had to video her because it was hilarious how she kept leaning and ducking as she moved the Wii-mote. Then she got irked when I laughed. It was funny. I couldn’t help it.

9. I’m still paused on reading Catch-22. Waiting to start again. That book is sitting at my desk and I swear it’s staring at me saying, “YOU WUSSBABY: JUST READ ME!!!”

10. If you have yet to weigh in on giving me recommendations for songs for my workout playlist, you should do that. Really. I have received FIFTY suggestions so far. I’ve listened to a lot of them. I’ve only outright ruled a handful out for my playlist, but the rest? Most of the rest of it is awesome.