Thursday Ten: I Forgot It Was Thursday Edition

1. Not having guitar lesson really does a number on my having those anchors in my week so I know what day it is. I was just thinking to myself, “Self, you don’t have anything that you can talk about in length for a blog post.” Then I told myself that it was Thursday so I could be random. Me and my self were enthused. And, yes, dorktastic.

2. Today was Pumpkin’s last day of school until fall. I have been busting my booty all week trying to get her doctor’s office to fill out the medical form to enroll her for next year (they lost it – fun times). I turned it in today only to be told, “Since she’s due for so many immunizations in July, just get a new form. We’re not required to turn these in until September.” Then WHY DID YOU SAY I HAD TO HAVE IT IN NOW?!?! (Also, poor kid – turns four and is due for five immunizations… And I don’t want to have the immunization debate. I immunize and that is my choice for my fam).

3. The Princess’s last day of school is tomorrow. Since Pumpkin was at school today, I took The Princess out to lunch (They had a half day so the staff could have a potluck for someone who is retiring – which I thought was lame – because though it was easy for ME to shift my schedule to accomodate a last minute half day, I imagine it was significantly harder for other families). She chose McDonalds. Most of y’all know, I won’t eat MickeyD’s. Every parent must have had the same idea – the line for the drive through went ALL THE WAY AROUND the “restaurant”. But she insisted that’s what she wanted… so I waited. Next time, I’ll have to PICK the place so that we can actually sit down and eat the nice lunch I’d envisioned rather than her chowing on a cheeseburger in the back seat and me eating gumdrops for lunch at home.

4. With summer starting, our mother’s helper will be returning. The girls are THRILLED that she’ll be back, and I’ll be thrilled to have that time to get things done.

5. I signed up for NHL texts for the playoffs and it doesn’t work. They are supposed to text after every goal and at the end of each period. With a score of 2 – 1 (Detroit) in the second period, I should have received four texts by now. Nothing. FAIL.

6. I need a surefire way to get these kids to stay in bed at bedtime. Tucked in Pumpkin 90 minutes ago, and The Princess nearly an hour ago. They’ve both come up with 104 reasons to come downstairs. Repeatedly. Gah!

7. Feels so weird to have had a week with no cake-baking after my serial birthday treat baking bonanza last week.

8. I’m reading Nora Ephron’s “I Feel Bad About My Neck” and dreading getting older and getting the crepey old-lady turkey gobble neck.

9. The Princess came home from school the other day to tell me she had some special testing done for reading. She’s about thirty levels higher than the level the kids should have reached by the end of the school year. I haven’t received any information from the school (which is always charming), but I hope they find ways to challenge her in second grade with regards to her reading.

10. Have you voted in the BlogLuxe awards yet? My lovely Rachel (Monkeys & Princesses: A Southern Fairytale) is nominated for Tastiest Blog – and her MouthWatering Mondays are AMAZING. You can vote once per day for awhile (I think the end date is in July). Also there are several other categories… Guilty Pleasure Blog, Blog You Learn the Most From, and Eye Candy (photography). Check it out!

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