Thursday Ten: Vida La Hooey Edition

1. So, yesterday I make a point of saying that I *HATE* that Coldplay song and then today during my guitar lesson, my teacher starts playing something and the familiarity of the chords registered in my head and I groaned and said, “ARGH! I hate this song!” She made me learn it anyway – apparently the chord progressions are pretty common. Faaaantastic.

2. I also started learning “Wonderwall” by Oasis. Better. Much better.

3. My mom just loaned me “The Host” by Stephanie Meyer because I breezed through the Twilight series. I read two pages. I shut the book. I started rereading “Twilight” until I can pick up another book to fill my time.

4. Tuesday was nearly 70 degrees, yet TOMORROW is “Read at the Beach” day at The Princess’s school. Yes – shorts, sunglasses, flip flops… that’s the dress code for the day. That’s fantastic. Here’s hoping I can talk her into putting some sweat pants (or SNOW pants!) over her shorts for when she’s outside.

5. You’d think I’d be used to the weather change in Michigan – yet when we have a nice warm spell like we’ve had, I always get my hopes up that it’s going to stay that way. No such luck.

6. I got a green cappuccino on St Patrick’s Day. Initially, I thought it was really cute – all that fluffy green foam on the top. Then, after it sat around while I was working and the coffee and the foam part mixed? That looked pretty gross. Oh well. So much for being festive.

7. American Idol. It was country week this week… I am not typically a country fan, but when Brad Paisley sang “Then” last night, I downloaded it. I love it. Go figure. Next week is Motown week… That should be a little easier to tolerate. Trying to figure out ahead of time who is going to sing “My Girl”.

8. It’s hard to start the day when it’s still so dark in the morning. I looked out the kitchen window this morning to see a half moon still bright in the sky so I called Pumpkin over to look. She decided that birds must have flown up to the moon and broken it into pieces because it wasn’t the whole moon.

9. I spent last weekend baking like crazy for a bake sale to raise money for the breast cancer walk… I have another bake sale next week. It’s definitely a lot of work raising money, but it’s for an awesome cause, and I love baking. Oddly, most stuff sold… except the cupcakes.

10. I don’t really care about basketball. At all. But Michigan beat Clemson tonight. So, whoooo! Go Blue. Beyond that, I didn’t even fill out brackets this year. I usually do because I think it’s interesting to see how someone who doesn’t follow the sport does compared to those who do. I actually usually do pretty well – which is essentially dumb luck.

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  1. Normally I don’t care to see M win, but I had them beating Clemson in my bracket, so I too was happy to see them take home the win.

  2. The Host was actually pretty good. You just have to completely forget Twilight. They’re nowhere near each other. On it’s own, it was an ok book.

  3. That green drink sounds a little odd. The beach read day sounds nice, and totally love real books but still want to try out the real Kindle.

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