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Thursday Ten: Not really sure what’s happening here edition

1. The blog was up and then it was down and then it’s up and now I’m getting a message that it might not be safe and then I switched over to Firefox and I”m not getting that message and y’all I just don’t know but here’s hoping it’s not broken because I’d hate to lose ten years worth of stuff.

2. Can you believe it? Ten years of blogging. That’s a lot of words.

3. There’s a post it on my computer from Pumpkin: “Stars can’t shine without darkness.” I’m keeping it there – partly because it seems especially meaningful because my retinal crud makes it a bit harder to see stars unless it’s super dark and partly because it’s a reasonably good reminder that there’s a reason for the tough times. Sometimes.

4. This week is a HUGE week for THe PRincess – her school musical (she has a big role) and her first meet of the season. It means there’s a lot going on but it’s good stuff, for the most part, so yay.

5. I saw a huge double rainbow when I was leaving work last night and I stood in the rain until my shoes were soaked through, taking pictures of it with my phone because sometimes after a day that is full of struggle, you are confronted with beauty and dang, it’s just a perfect opportunity to get outside of yourself, get over yourself and just see what’s in front of you, what’s beautiful and perfect and feels a bit like optimism.

6. I can tell I’ve been stressed because I think I’ve bitten the right side of my cheek so many times that now I can’t stop biting it. Some people bite their tongues…

7. And it’s been a hard week – this is the time of year we spend planning budgets and marketing engagements for our clients for the coming year. The dollars and cents isn’t as fun as the strategy and creative and concepting, and so I would love to fast foward over the PLANNING and get to the DOING. The planning hurts my brain a little.

8. Thanksgiving is next week – can’t believe it. Where has this year even gone? It’s going to be Christmas before we know it and then 2016? How is that even possible?

9. We finally have a Trader Joes in Grand Rapids and I’m more than a little in love with it.

10. DId EVERYBODY buy a Star Wars waffle iron this week? Yeesh. Lot of waffles in my Facebook feed. Lot of bigots too. But we’re talking about waffles now. But really – did everyone buy that waffle iron?

There’s a lot going on in the world and it makes me want to punch people in the face a little bit

I’m not going to talk to you about politics or Paris or refugees or the heavy stuff. I am not going to talk to you about the light stuff. I am going to tell you I am so tired and that every day I feel like I start moving and I keep moving and I have stopped drinking water at work because I don’t much have time to pee and I come home at the end of the day and I am so tired but my day isn’t over yet because there’s more mom taxiing to do and it’s dark in the morning and it’s dark when I get home and oh, this time of year, it’s a bit brutal, isn’t it?

And there’s a lot going on in the world and people are sharing their thoughts and so much of these thoughts are steeped in ugliness and I wonder how we became this world where everyone is ready to lash out at each other for seemingly no reason. I saw a woman yesterday roll down her window at a traffic light to wave her middle finger at the woman in the car next to her – screaming and flying the bird until the light turned green and why?

Why do we feel like we need to air the every thought? All the hate, all the ugliness?

People, man.

I’m tired and tired of it.

Thursday Ten: Technology Gets the Middle Finger Emoji Edition

1. After a few years of using a friend’s Mac Book Pro, I finally had to replace it and since my budget is not a Mac budget, I have a brand spanking new miserable sucktastic HP laptop. I’m trying to not hate it too much, because it seems an absurd first world problem to complain about a new computer but oh my god, makes me wish I had just gone into debt and bought a new MBP.

2. Like right now, I can make Lightroom work… unless I’m trying to import stuff then all bets are off. Why you gotta be like that, Lightroom?

3. SO, it stands that 2015 turns out to be the year all of the expensive things break and of course, of course, and a big ol raspberry to you.

4. Damn, like PCs have updates ALL. THE. TIME. What has happened since yesterday, you stupid machine?!

5. We have had what feels like unseasonably warm weather here in Michigan and it’s been kind of lovely – to go outside without a jacket in November? Yes please. I hate hot weather, but I will take 70 degrees over snow any time.

6. I gotta say, the middle finger emoji gets occasional use. In every skin tone. Because who knew I needed it more than I needed it more than I needed the taco emoji?

7. Resisting the Halloween candy is like a full time job that I’m not very good at.

8. I hated the Adele song the first time I listened to it and then I listened to it twelve more times and now I love it. Like the rest of the world.

9. The time change no  longer bothers me for the reason it did when my girls were younger (because now that they actually SLEEP, I do get my extra hour) but OH IT IS SO DARK SO EARLY and UGH.

10. I’ve seen a lot of stupidity shared on Facebook lately. WHile I know that I can be a jerk and very opinionated and very judgmental (not always, but yeah, it happens) – I usually utilize self censoring. WHY CAN’T EVERYONE ELSE?