The Flip Side: In Shadows and Light

There are days in winter when the sky is filled with bloated clouds that hover and blanket the sky and block the sun and my heart falls because I need the light and the colors and the smiling kiss of sun on my face, even when the temperatures are chilled.

There are days when the sun comes out and the sun reflects against the frozen cover of snow and it’s as if the earth around me is full of glitter and unicorn pee.

Okay, maybe not the unicorn pee (which is probably totally amazing).

Yesterday, the stream of sunshine flooded my office and the play of shadows on the floor brought a smile to my face. The way the shadows fell in lines, the way I felt the warmth at my back… all an amazing dose of exactly what I needed.

I probably get a smidge of Seasonal Affective Disorder – there’s no denying that I’m notably less pleasant this time of year – I don’t like to be cold. BUT, if you’ll think back to the summer months, brutally hot weather makes me cranky too.

Why do I live here, again?

I have no idea.

You may be pleased to know, however, that I finally bought a coat so I’m not totally reliant on puffy vests to keep me warm and that I don’t always go outside looking like a big inflatable lawn decoration. Now? I have a BRIGHT GREEN wool coat. Yes, green. Like you expected something different?

Flip Side – Baby, It’s (Getting) Cold Outside

It’s only the first week of November but already, I’m less than enthused with the weather and tired of being cold. I wake up and dread getting out from under the warmth of my covers. I REALLY dread when the dog stands by the door needing to go outside at 6 a.m. to do his business – there’s FROST ON THE LAWN, puppy! Do you really need to pee now? Apparently he does.

I don’t like winter coats. They’re bulky and I feel like the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Lady when I’m wearing one. From the first frost until the weather breaks in spring, I wear vests. I have several. They don’t keep me nearly warm enough. Oddly enough, the vests are quite puffy too. Defeats the purpose, right?

It’s November 2 and I’m already tired of being cold. So today’s picture is me being underwhelmed with Michigan weather. BOO! COLD WEATHER, I ABHOR THEE! I think it may be time to relocate to the tropics. Or the west coast. Either, or.

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The Flip Side – 10.12.10

I’m pink for breast cancer awareness.

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