Flip Side – Baby, It’s (Getting) Cold Outside

It’s only the first week of November but already, I’m less than enthused with the weather and tired of being cold. I wake up and dread getting out from under the warmth of my covers. I REALLY dread when the dog stands by the door needing to go outside at 6 a.m. to do his business – there’s FROST ON THE LAWN, puppy! Do you really need to pee now? Apparently he does.

I don’t like winter coats. They’re bulky and I feel like the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Lady when I’m wearing one. From the first frost until the weather breaks in spring, I wear vests. I have several. They don’t keep me nearly warm enough. Oddly enough, the vests are quite puffy too. Defeats the purpose, right?

It’s November 2 and I’m already tired of being cold. So today’s picture is me being underwhelmed with Michigan weather. BOO! COLD WEATHER, I ABHOR THEE! I think it may be time to relocate to the tropics. Or the west coast. Either, or.

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  1. LOVE that picture!!! I’ll take your cold, because until today it was still in the 90’s here.

  2. That looks EXACTLY like how I feel about the cold weather that’s arrived. UGH.

  3. GREAT photo 🙂 I had to walk out into the frosty air this morning, and wondered about how many layers I should put on… isn’t it weird; as long as the sun is out, the cold is somehow more bearable ?

  4. I’m afraid to tell you it’s predicted to be ninety here the rest of the week. While I don’t want freezing cold, I wouldn’t mind a bit of a winter chill.

  5. Love the vest! It reminds me of how cold we were downtown last January … brrr!

  6. lurve the vest! cutie pie!

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