Inside the Blogger’s Studio…

Courtesy of Beth Fish of So The Fish Said… the latest round of interview questions (And seriously, amazing questions.)

1. Remember the movie Brewster’s Millions? That happens to you, except on a smaller scale. You receive a million dollars that you must spend in 30 days. However, you cannot have any assets to show for the money at the end of the month (and you can’t buy something and then destroy it), you cannot waste the money, you cannot give it away, and you cannot tell anyone what you are doing. How do you ditch the dough in a month or less?
Does paying off Hubby’s heinous student loan count as an asset? I have actually NEVER seen this movie, so, let me think of what I would do. First of all, I think I need a helper. This person’s official title shall be COFFEE BEEYATCH. He or she will do an early morning Starbucks run (with my reusable mug) daily so that by the time my munchkins roll outta bed, I’ve got a hot cappuccino ready for me. Of course, this is a crucial job, and this person should make some astronomical sum of money (I think I’ll prepay the CB to cover his or her services after my moohlah is gone). I’m going to help my team meet our donation goal for the Avon Two Day Walk (Shameless plug). I think my daughter’s first grade class needs a super cool field trip and they’ve been slacking on the field trips because of the money factor – so anonymously, of course, the kids are gonna go somewhere fabulous. I also think I need to hire an Automotive Assistant who will be responsible for my car maintenance for life (prepay that sucker too). Oil changes, detailing (holy car-bage in my car right now!), car washing, filling the tank with gas? NOT MY PROBLEM ANYMORE. And then I think I want to travel a bit. I am sure I can squash the remainder of money going places, seeing and doing things (but not buying anything).

2. You are locked in a toy store overnight, with no way out until it reopens in the morning. What do you play with all night?
I am going to find the Nintendo DS’s and curl up on a big pile of stuffed animals playing goofy games. Because I’M A DORK.

3. If you could have a dinner party with any three famous people, living or dead, you would be wasting your supernatural powers on hosting dinner parties. What would you do instead?
With my three living or dead people? I would bring Jonathan Larson back to life and have him write something as amazing as “RENT”, because I love RENT. Then I would also invite Jack Johnson so I could sit on his lap while he taught me how to play guitar (or not) and of course he would be so captivated by my supernatural powers that he would probably insist that I move to Hawaii with him (yes, my supernatural powers are awesome like that that they get me out of winter climate into the warmth of the Hawaiian sun – jealous, no?). And I would bring my grandmother back so that she could be at my sister’s wedding in October, because I think she would loved to see my sister grow up.

4. What’s the best thing since sliced bread? Now, sliced bread ain’t all that impressive, so what’s the best mediocre, hum-drum improvement or advancement that has made modern life just ever so slightly more convenient for humanity, along the lines of saving yourself five seconds every time you want a piece of bread.

Mr. Clean Magic Erasers. I use them for everything. They work for nearly everything. They are cheap, but my god, they really are magic (Mr. Clean people: see me plugging for you? Think maybe you oughta send me some freebies?!).

5. What’s your best quality? The response to this question must be a simple declarative statement. You may elaborate on that statement, provided that your elaboration does not include the words “but,” “however,” or “although,” or any other hedging, equivocating, back-sliding, gerrymandering (which is not at all appropriate in this context, but I think it should be, don’t you?) or any other type of backing down from the simple declarative statement with which you began your response.
I have a creative mind and use it often.

One Word

So, in the latest round of Twitter-nuttiness, Joe challenged me to the one-word meme…

Here I go.

1. Where is your cell phone? Desk

2. Your significant other? Hubby

3. Your hair? Ponytail

4. Your mother? Local

5. Your father? Far

6. Your favorite thing? Smiling!

7. Your dream last night? Nyquil

8. Your favorite drink? Cappuccino

9. Your dream/goal? Contentment

10. What room you are in? Office

11. Your hobby? Creatives

12. Your fear? SNAKES!

13. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Warmer

14. Where were you last night? Home

16. Muffins? Yes

17. Wish list item? Nada

18. Where you grew up? Cali

19. Last thing you did? Forgot

20. What are you wearing? Clothes

21. Your TV? Functional

22. Your pets? Allergic

23. Friends? Awesome

24. Your life? Alright

25. Your mood? Sniffly

26. Missing some one? Nope

27. Car? van

28. Something you’re not wearing? Shoes

29. Your favorite store? Apple

30. Your favorite color? Green

31. Apparently people can’t count.

32. Public school, much?

33. When is the last time you laughed? Today

34. Last time you cried? Dunno

35. Who will resend this? Nobody

36. One place that I go to over and over? Starbucks

37. One person who emails me regularly? Audrey

38. My favorite place to eat? Anywhere

39. Why you participated in this survey? Joe

40. What are you doing tonight? Nothing

I’m not tagging anyone cuz otherwise these things go on and on and on and I am OH SO FULL OF MEMEs LATELY! Wow, people.

Brought to you By The LETTER D and the Number 10

Courtesy of I love when Starbucks has a drive thru.

3. Dell.
I’m typing on my Dell laptop. And love it. I think I’d love it more if it was a Mac, but you can’t always get what you want (BUT, if you try sometimes you just might find…you get what you need).

4. Dreams.
I never really know what they mean, but I love to wake up and remember my dreams. Especially when they aren’t creepy.

5. Driving
Now, I’m not saying I’m a good driver. But I like to be in the car. I like road trips and singing along to the radio – and basically, I like to be out and about anyway.

6. Dance
I love to dance. I love dancing at bars or clubs or weddings. I love to watch other people dance too (but think more “So You Can Think You Can Dance” and less “Dancing With the Stars”).

7. Duritz, Adam
Adam Duritz is the lead singer of Counting Crows (my favorite band for the past 100 years-ish) and an amazing song writer. Actually, he’s a pretty phenomenal writer, period. Love the guy.

8. Dooce

Yeah, who doesn’t read Heather? But I like her. She’s blunt and funny and straight forward – and that’s GOOD.

9. Discovering New Music
I love when I am introduced to music I would not have known otherwise. I say that all the time, I know. But it begins with D. So I’m saying it again.

10. Dessert
Especially in the form of brownie sundaes or cheesecake. Dessert: It’s better than dinner.

If you wanna play along, let me know, and I will give you your own super very special letter. But not Q. I won’t give you Q – because I’m NICE.

Picture MeMe

Tamara from Diva Cowgirl tagged me to do this photo Me Me. The dealio is this:

1. Open the 4th picture folder on your computer.

2. Open the 4th picture and post it on your blog.

3. Explain the picture.

4. Tag 4 people to do the same!

Okay, first of all. I kinda cheated – what happens in my pictures folders is that when I upload pictures, it automatically goes into a new folder based on the date. Some of those folders only have one or two pictures (especially the ones from my phone – I don’t take a ton of pictures with my phone now that I carry my camera everywhere). So, I went to the FIRST folder after the FOURTH with four pictures in it. This is the fourth picture.

This is an ornament (DUH) that used to be on my mom’s Christmas tree. This was also my Day 90 submission to the 365 project. S, is obviously for “Sarah” (My brother has an ornament for his name – my sister wasn’t born yet so she got cheated out of an alphabet ornament). When I moved out and started doing my own Christmas tree, I got a few of my old ornaments to take with me. This is one of ’em.

I’m gonna tag: Robin, Kat from Sassy Irish Lassie, FarmWife, and Inkling.

Saturday Nine, On Sunday

I found a new blog (new to me) that does a MeMe of 9 questions every Saturday. Damn you Google reader for giving me more stuff to read that I’ll inevitably just mark as read to make it go away!

1. Where is the furthest place that you have traveled and how far away from home is it?
Hawaii, most likely. I’m not particularly well-traveled, but that’s probably the farthest. It was a long time in the air (but I still have the bottle of champagne I won on the flight).

2. What is a blog that you would recommend for us to read and why?
Duh! Envisage 365. I love looking at our pictures.

3. What is the biggest surprise you ever have had and was it a good one?
Finding out that The Princess was going to be a girl. Even though I had a gut feeling I was having a girl, there are sure a lot of boys in Hubby’s family and so I kind of thought they only made boys (hee hee). Thankfully, though, I’ve got my two girls – GREAT surprise!

4. What is your favorite quote? (We know we’ve asked this recently. But there is always another great quote! 🙂
“If you really want to be happy, no one can stop you.” Yeah, I love it, but often forget it.

5. Have you ever been hospitalized for a major health situation?
Never. I’ve spent 3 nights in the hospital (two when The Princess was born, one for Pumpkin). That’s it.

6. Do you prefer long hair or short hair for yourself?

7. What was your favorite amusement park ride growing up?
Rollercoasters. Oh, and spinny rides. I can go on rides that twirl and spin all day and not get sick.

8. How long do you talk on your phone on a typical day?
Really not much – my house is the black hole of cell signal.

9. Other than Saturday 9, what is your favorite meme to do each week?
The Friday Fill in time waster.