One Word

So, in the latest round of Twitter-nuttiness, Joe challenged me to the one-word meme…

Here I go.

1. Where is your cell phone? Desk

2. Your significant other? Hubby

3. Your hair? Ponytail

4. Your mother? Local

5. Your father? Far

6. Your favorite thing? Smiling!

7. Your dream last night? Nyquil

8. Your favorite drink? Cappuccino

9. Your dream/goal? Contentment

10. What room you are in? Office

11. Your hobby? Creatives

12. Your fear? SNAKES!

13. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Warmer

14. Where were you last night? Home

16. Muffins? Yes

17. Wish list item? Nada

18. Where you grew up? Cali

19. Last thing you did? Forgot

20. What are you wearing? Clothes

21. Your TV? Functional

22. Your pets? Allergic

23. Friends? Awesome

24. Your life? Alright

25. Your mood? Sniffly

26. Missing some one? Nope

27. Car? van

28. Something you’re not wearing? Shoes

29. Your favorite store? Apple

30. Your favorite color? Green

31. Apparently people can’t count.

32. Public school, much?

33. When is the last time you laughed? Today

34. Last time you cried? Dunno

35. Who will resend this? Nobody

36. One place that I go to over and over? Starbucks

37. One person who emails me regularly? Audrey

38. My favorite place to eat? Anywhere

39. Why you participated in this survey? Joe

40. What are you doing tonight? Nothing

I’m not tagging anyone cuz otherwise these things go on and on and on and I am OH SO FULL OF MEMEs LATELY! Wow, people.

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Sarah is a book nerd, a music lover, an endorphin junkie, a coffee addict. Oh, and a goof ball. She writes, she tweets, and she sings off key.


  1. Joe Schmitt says

    Are you sure you answered these two, and didn’t just copy mine:

    21. Your TV? Functional
    22. Your pets? Allergic

    Otherwise, excellent. I hereby release you from any obligation.

  2. Seriously, I answered them. My television works, but is nothing special. And yes, I’m allergic to dogs, cats AND birds. I guess we have fish, but I forgot them at the time – and they’re not MINE. Whoops. Forgot the fish. Thank god it’s not up to me to feed them.

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