The Flip Side – Is that still a thing?

How lame am I that I don’t even know if The Flip Side is still a thing  (Kat? Linney? Are you still doing this? Oh well. If not, the internet just gets to see my face. Twice. For NO GOOD REASON. They’ll get over it. After some therapy).

Today has been one of them days.

First of all – spring in Michigan apparently means that from the time I wake up until roughly dinner time, the sky will be filled with bloated gray clouds and maybe there will be some rain (or more than some). Then the sun will come out right around the time I have given up all hope for seeing the sun EVER AGAIN. And then, if your day is like today, maybe you’ll get a tornado warning (because whee! Tornadoes!).

And so you will want to complain about the weather, and then something good will happen like… your brother will get released from the hospital (the diagnosis was sepsis and I think they are still just filling him up with antibiotics). So you think, well, how bad could today really be?

So, today has kind of been all over the proverbial map. Which is why up there on the LEFT? I am smiling. That was taken as I was driving home from Panera (they totally jacked up my lunch order BUT the baguette was hot from the oven, so I forgive them because as long as the bread was good, I am good). On the right? After cancelling with the book club girls and telling them I didn’t think I could make it. We were supposed to go see “Water for Elephants” (in lieu of actually, y’know, TALKING ABOUT IT), but I didn’t think I could sit up for two hours and watch a movie. I’d zone out for sure.

Tuesdays, y’know.

How  was your day?

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