The Flip Side – Is that still a thing?

How lame am I that I don’t even know if The Flip Side is still a thing  (Kat? Linney? Are you still doing this? Oh well. If not, the internet just gets to see my face. Twice. For NO GOOD REASON. They’ll get over it. After some therapy).

Today has been one of them days.

First of all – spring in Michigan apparently means that from the time I wake up until roughly dinner time, the sky will be filled with bloated gray clouds and maybe there will be some rain (or more than some). Then the sun will come out right around the time I have given up all hope for seeing the sun EVER AGAIN. And then, if your day is like today, maybe you’ll get a tornado warning (because whee! Tornadoes!).

And so you will want to complain about the weather, and then something good will happen like… your brother will get released from the hospital (the diagnosis was sepsis and I think they are still just filling him up with antibiotics). So you think, well, how bad could today really be?

So, today has kind of been all over the proverbial map. Which is why up there on the LEFT? I am smiling. That was taken as I was driving home from Panera (they totally jacked up my lunch order BUT the baguette was hot from the oven, so I forgive them because as long as the bread was good, I am good). On the right? After cancelling with the book club girls and telling them I didn’t think I could make it. We were supposed to go see “Water for Elephants” (in lieu of actually, y’know, TALKING ABOUT IT), but I didn’t think I could sit up for two hours and watch a movie. I’d zone out for sure.

Tuesdays, y’know.

How  was your day?

Flip Side – Hiding Behind 28 – 135mm

I am constantly behind a camera.

Okay, almost constantly.

I spend my days looking at my surroundings as if looking through a lens – I gauge my surroundings as though I’m framing a shot. I see beauty in unexpected places. I see beauty where some people wouldn’t. I see beauty in everyone.

I hide behind a camera and so much of what I see is translated into pixels and colors and textures and richness.

And my world is better for it.

Somehow, the same care I give to viewing the world around me is not given to viewing myself. Somehow the rules that apply to the things in front of my camera do not apply to the woman behind it.

I made a promise to myself – 2011 is the year I would be kinder to myself, less dysmorphic, less apt to point out the fat days and the bloat (PMS, you cruel cruel beast), the split ends and bad hair days, the imperfections. It would be the year to embrace the qualities as they are because those are part of what makes me who I am.

And I tell you this:

It’s FREAKING difficult.

I don’t think I’m going to be entirely successful, but I guess I don’t have to be. Even if I become a little bit kinder to myself, that’s a step in the right direction.

Flip Side – Getting Festive Style

The dog is going to take my Christmas spirit and rip it into tiny shreds with his pointy little dog teeth.


Because this is my (fake) Christmas tree. Do you know where my Christmas tree is? It’s in the kids’ playroom – a room I don’t usually hang out in because I’m almost certain to slice my foot open on a sharp Barbie hand (Or her shoes – that girl’s got some pointy shoes).

On Facebook the other day, someone told me what to do if a dog happened to eat a glass ornament. And frankly, I just really didn’t want to deal with it (also, ew). The playroom, however, is off limits to the dog and minimizes the chances that I may have to force feed the dog cotton balls (You don’t want to know).

But it’s sad, right?

The tree should be where everyone can see it and enjoy it – where, as Christmas nears, you can tuck presents beneath it and feel the anticipation of the upcoming holiday.

But it’s not so festive when you’re worried about your dog eating the ornaments, or knocking over the tree, or chewing up Christmas presents.

So we’ve tucked it away.

It’s sad.

If you look behind me in this picture, you can see the chaos of the playroom. You’ll see my Michigan tee (this was Saturday. What a sad day).

And of course, there’s me, tucked away in a little ornament.