Thursday Ten: A Third Down edition

  1. So, yeah, June is almost over. It feels like summer has barely started but it’s actually almost a third over and how is that even possible? (THE TIME IT FLIES)
  2. With a free download from the Starbucks app, I downloaded the 5 Minute Journal this week. Just a few days in and though it may well be shortlived, it’s good for me to work on practicing gratitude and looking for the moments that made me happy.
  3. I have watched an insane amount of Greys Anatomy on Netflix this week. I’m still pretty sure I could intubate y’all if you needed it.
  4. I was selected to be one of the “Awesome People” on the launch team of Amy Krouse Rosenthal’s Textbook, due out on August 9. I’m not paid to have opinions – just received a free copy of the book – which I devoured in the span of a few hours while sitting by the lake a few weeks ago. It’s classic AmyKR – whimsical, joyous and sweet. I’ll be posting more about it in the coming weeks, but y’all might consider pre-ordering it, especially if you need a feel-good book to read this summer.
  5. Finally, after over a year of the envelope sitting on my counter, I’ve finally booked an appointment to use the spa gift card that’s inside of it. Next week I have an appointment at a local spa, where it will cost an ungodly amount of (gift card) money to probably dye my hair the exact same color it is now.
  6. I’m working on so many big projects at work right now that I’m barely finding time to breathe, but still making sure that when I can, I get outside for some fresh air and exercise. I used to be a “work through lunch” kind of person but I’m glad to have ditched that habit for the most part.
  7. Dog farts are lethal.
  8. There’s a three day weekend coming. While I’m excited about that, I’m still focused on just getting to the end of next week. I know, I know, wishing my life away, but basically? Just trying to get some projects crossed off the list.
  9. I haven’t cooked in ages. I have no desire to cook. It’s too hot. I’m too tired. I’m not prepared. I’m sick of ordering (and paying) for takeout, though. Next week, I get my shizz together. Tonight, I need to menu plan and make a grocery list.
  10. Hard to get excited about puny fourth of July fireworks after the awesome of Disney fireworks… but I’ll still try.

Thursday Ten: I’m Not Wearing a Coat Edition

1. It’s 50 degrees here. Marinate on that. Fifty. Five-zero. The snow has melted and the lawns are visible. They’re brown, but visible. I went on my first outdoor run of 2010 today. A slow meandering jog, more likely – but wow, felt good. Here’s hoping this is the change for the year (but I fully anticipate at least one more spell of crappy weather).

2. I love to dance – so it’s really no surprise that when Amy Krouse Rosenthal of The Beckoning of Lovely published this YouTube video, I decided I had to learn the dance. And yes, I’m filming the process, including the hilarious moments when I bump into furniture and trip over my own feet.

3. Music downloaded this week? “All This Beauty” by the Weepies – which is the song in the above video. Love it – it’s cute and bouncy and just feels like spring.

4. Guitar lessons went well this week – still working on Ingrid Michaelson’s “The Chain”, as well as Train’s “Marry Me”. Ingrid’s song is easy and I needed that, because the Train song would be perfect if I could just make my fingers move fast enough (I’ve got a ways to go).

5. Our first official book club meeting was last night – and it was … interesting. It seems I was the only one to like the book, Still Alice (why YES, that’s an affiliate link, baby!). The discussion questions in the back were sort of… weak, but the book itself? I really enjoyed the book. I’m curious how next month goes – the book choice was mine (more on that to come in the next few weeks, mmkay?) – and if there’s a huge difference again on who enjoys it and who doesn’t, then… perhaps this will be more of a social thing versus a shared taste in reading materials thing.

6. Those green flowers I bought at Costco the other day are fading to white, one petal at a time and the water in the vase is this amazing emerald green color. It’s kind of a fun process to watch, the dye draining back into the water. Then again, maybe I’m easily amused.

7. Corey Haim. Dead. Y’know, while I don’t necessarily mourn for celebs, I have to say it always blows me away when one passes – and the news is filled with clips from the span of a career. I vividly remember going to see the movie “Lucas” in the theater. It was one of the first movies my mom allowed me to see on my own – she dropped me and a friend off at at the theater to see it (after buying our tickets). I loved that movie. And it’s one of those movies that I had forgotten about until the news of him OD’ing broke. {However, I never forget the movie “The Lost Boys”. I loved that movie then, I love that movie still.}

8. I have just under 90 days until the marathon and a half walk for breast cancer. I am SO excited. I have so much to do yet – but I’m pretty excited. I have to say, even if it is more cumbersome, I’ll be wearing a backpack this year instead of a fanny pack. I broke down and bought one last year, but felt absolutely ridiculous wearing it – PLUS, I want to be able to keep flip flops on hand for when I’m done for the day and want my nasty walking shoes OFF.

9. This week feels like it’s been 100 years long. Things with work and extra projects have kept me from being bored – and I’ve kind of totally over extended myself with extra curriculars too (book club, a lunch with old friends, appointments). I love not being bored, I love being busy… but I’m kind of ready to kick back with a pretty pink drink and a book and put my feet up.

10. I’m told that National Chocolate Caramel Day is coming up. Seriously. It’s a thing. What is YOUR favorite chocolate-caramel treat? Looking for ideas, as I WILL be celebrating accordingly.