Thursday Ten: Yes I’m Keeping Track edition

1. We’ve had two gorgeous days in Michigan in 2014, yes I’m keeping track. Yesterday, was 80 and humid. Too hot. It’s like we entirely bypass spring here in Michigan and skip right to Circle of Hell. Pfffft.

2. Really amazing bread toasted and slathered with real butter and a cup of coffee. Perfect breakfast? Hmmm. Pretty close to it.
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3. So I watched a 16 minute YouTube video on how we’re all wearing the wrong size bra and how to properly measure and can I just say while I’m curious to see if they’re right, I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a bra with a 30″ band in a store and I don’t especially feel like paying shipping charges to test the theory. But…I am curious.

4. My first StitchFix is due the week after next and I’m very excited and nervous about it. Was hoping to avoid shopping for clothes before then but this 8000 degree weather dictates I buy some short sleeve tops, pronto.

5. Spend time ironing Girl Scout patches on to a sash only to have them almost immediately fall off? But of course.

6. I really miss writing. I think of when the last time I’ve really had to just sit and write and the thing is… I don’t know. My house is cluttered and I haven’t written and I have three baskets of laundry to fold and I wonder where that time is going to come from.

7. Next week my daughter will be twelve. And I will be ancient. How do I have a nearly twelve year old?

8. I cannot believe the school year is over. Also, I cannot believe all of the things that the schools try to cram into the last few weeks of school. Really? Y’all needed to save all of that until NOW? Shoot, we weren’t doing anything in February. Why couldn’t we have done some of this stuff then?

9. This weather, while too humid and too hot, calls for margaritas sipped outside as the sun sets.

10. I am coming up on three months at my job. I cannot believe it’s only been three months and I cannot believe it’s already been three months. I think that it’s sometimes easy for them to forget that I’m still so new – sometimes because I’m on a roll and I’m getting things done and sometimes it’s because I still have a lot of questions because IT’S ONLY BEEN THREE MONTHS. I have a project from hell that should be wrapping in the next month or so and I am so ready to wash my hands of it. It’s making me crazy. Too many cooks in that project kitchen.

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