Day 1: National Blah blah blah Month

I went back and forth about whether or not to take part in National Blog Post Writing Month (what’s it called again? That thing that bloggers do when they’re too chicken to commit to trying to write a novel? YEAAAAH. That thing), whether I wanted to write every day, whether I wanted the fuss, whether I wanted to be real or put myself out there. Again.

I remember how difficult it was to write for 30 days (31?) last year – especially because not even halfway through November, my grandpa suffered a stroke. He never returned home. It’s silly, perhaps, when we had all those months yet after that stroke that I am associating November with it all, why this month and the writing feels like revisiting an accident scene, but it does feel that way. A little.

{I miss my grandpa. A lot.}

I have no idea what’s in store for this month and I can’t believe it’s November already. More job hunting I’m sure, as it becomes more and more obvious that living on a part time income (even with the unemployment kick in) is not really an option — oh, and unemployment won’t last forever. A few portrait sessions at the end of October have made Christmas shopping possible, so you may see that – that I’m gonna try to get that done before anything else comes up. And at some point this month, I have to tackle researching health insurance – so you can maybe tag along for the ride as I venture on my adventure {let’s not get political, okay? I spend a lot of time being afraid of getting sick or getting into an accident and going bankrupt because of it — so it will be peace of mind to have insurance, even if it’s just catastrophic coverage}.

I dunno. Here we go, huh?

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