Thursday Ten: So Humbled edition

1. Yesterday, I was blessed with numerous birthday messages, birthday love, gift cards to Starbucks (seriously, y’all, I may not have to pay for my coffee again until December) and just…kindness. So much kindness. Every time I read a sweet message, my eyes would fill up with tears and I would think, “How am I so lucky?” It’s perspective for sure, I guess. I will weather the storms that need to be weathered, and it’ll be easier because I have so much support.

2.My mom put together an amazing gift basket for me with a bottle of wine and gift cards to some of my favorite places – I am so very much looking forward to treating myself to things I wouldn’t normally buy. Having been so money conscious lately, I think it’s gonna feel weird to “shop.” I look forward to making an effort anyway.

3. Post season baseball. You know, I might be the only person in Michigan who has no real strong feelings about this series. I’m sorry everyone. You’ll just have to love baseball a little bit extra to make up for my lack of care.

4. The Michigan/Penn State game last weekend – and it’s multiple overtimes – made me want to pull my hair out. And I wish it had ended differently. Bah.

5. I have a photo shoot scheduled this weekend and I’m excited to be shooting and to be shooting in a different location. I am energized by the work I get to do with my camera. Wish there was more of it.

6. I love how he gave me my own lovely flannel shirt for my birthday as if that means I would stop stealing his. (I won’t stop stealing his. But mine is very very lovely and so soft.)

7. There’s been several moments over the past few weeks where I realize I have a lot of things I need to change. I need to be a little kinder to myself in general. And I need to be a bit more protective of myself, the people I care about, and our time together. I don’t have to accommodate everyone else’s schedule and I’m allowed to be upset and to verbalize it when someone has been cavalier with my time. BOUNDARIES ARE DIFFICULT, but I need to get better at asserting mine because when I don’t, life is a little tougher.

8. “But…they’re both BLUE!” said my mom when I told her what nail color I wanted for my birthday. The one I’ll be polishing my nails with today if I can get a few minutes to myself: Essie After School Boy Blazer. I love blue nails. (The other blue is from OPI’s San Francisco collection.)

9. I have seen a lot of criticisms of the movie “Gravity” from people who would know more than I just what is the reality of being out in space. Since I don’t actually know what it’s like to be out in space (I, uh, barely know what it’s like to be out of my time zone), I actually really enjoyed the movie, though I found it to be extremely tense. White knuckles for sure.

10. Hey person I haven’t talked to since high school. What a coincidence that you’ve friended me two weeks before launching your  business. Probably not a coincidence, huh? I’m all for promoting yourself, selling yourself, for using social media to do it… but it peeves me when people dig way back into their high school years to do this. Also, when did you start looking like Tom Hanks in Forest Gump?

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