Thursday Ten: But I Don’t Wanna Turn The AC On Yet edition

1. From winter right to summer. No thank you. Eighty degrees yesterday though and… not a fan. And I shouldn’t complain because it’s better than snow, but I am complaining anyway. (It’s such a small margin of time, that time I enjoy the weather in Michigan. I’m so sorry.)
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2. With the close of gymnastics competition season, I never have to hear “Pumped Up Kicks” again. HOWEVER, The Princess wanted to use the instrumental version of “Thrift Shop” and the coaches said no go. Soooo, it’s looking like they’ve selected Shakira’s “Hips Don’t Lie” for her for the next year. I’ve made her promise that there would be no hip or butt waggling in her routine (Because frankly, those girls do a little too much booty shaking AND THEY ARE TEN YEARS OLD).

3. She’ll be eleven this month. Whoa.

4. Filling out paperwork for estate planning is necessary and yet… awful. I know it’s the responsible thing to do. I also know that I really hate thinking about it. No, I don’t have a cemetery plot. (And no, I apparently don’t know how to spell “cemetery” right on the first try.)

5. Lately I take more pictures of Pumpkin than The Princess. It’s not a favoritism thing, not at all. I love both of my daughters tremendously. However, The Princess doesn’t mind having her picture taken and Pumpkin hates it. It’s the dislike of the experience that I love in the pictures. Pumpkin doesn’t smile or pose for me, and sometimes it’s that genuine look on her face – even if it’s an unhappy one – that makes me love the shot. My kids are both amazing subjects, though. I’m pretty lucky.

6. So, one of the guys from Kriss Kross died. He was 34. THERE GOES MY CHILD HOOD. Rest in peace, Mac Dad. A generation of boys wore their too big clothes backwards because of you. And a whole lot of people jump-jump’d.

7. Cinco de Mayo this weekend, or as I like to call it, JUST ANOTHER EXCUSE FOR TACOS. Do y’all have a favorite taco recipe? Carnitas are on the menu for Sunday.

8. Yaaaaay! I found someone to repair my 24-70 lens! Boooooo! It’ll cost about $250. If you’re googling the 24-70mm/2.8 Canon lens before buying it and you land here (HI! WELCOME!), just know that one of the first versions of that lens is known for this weird focusing thing. It’s a pricey piece of glass. Too pricey for consistent probs like this. Do your research. (When it works? It’s amazing. Right now? I might as well be using my kit lens.)

9. With the warm weather comes people wearing less clothes. This is not always a good thing.

10. I wear my hair alternatingly curly and straight – mostly curly because that’s how it is naturally and I AM LAZY. The other day, however, I asked Instagram how to wear my hair and someone answered – curly, to look super creative and straight to look professional. And it’s funny because I have that perception too – when I want to be taken seriously, I almost always straighten my hair. But…why? Why is curly hair creative? Hippy dippy? Not professional? It wasn’t just the person who commented – I clearly have a bit of that bias too… but… I have no idea why. So… why?



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