Thursday Ten: I AM SO GLAD IT IS ALMOST MARCH edition

1. February. Why you gotta be like that? For the shortest month, it sure does feel like the longest month and you know, I am so so so ready to see it go. It’s not even that it’s been particularly awful (though, you know, it’s February and so it hasn’t been super great either – effing snow), but… dang. Every year feels like February is ten years long. Hello, March. I’m ready for you.

2. Followed Breaking Bad with Netflix’s House of Cards. Finished Season 1 of HOC, and now….White Collar. I haven’t watched as much television as I thought – so many shows to choose from. Watched the Pilot of White Collar the other night. Enjoyed it. We’ll see how long it lasts. (And I’m still muddling through Weeds. I had to stop watching because I got tired of Nancy.)

3. Spent a good chunk of time yesterday dealing with QR codes and I have to say… I’ve never actually used one. In fact, when the girls and I were at dinner last night, I purposely avoided something with a QR code on it. Does anyone actually use them?

4. Completely humiliated by my chicken fiasco, I feel like I should mention that the carne asada tacos I made last weekend were completely amazing. And the margaritas were face-numbing good.
margaritas and carne asada tacos

5. So, I watched most of the Oscars the other day and I agree with most of the criticism of Seth MacFarlane. But mostly – I had no idea who he was before Sunday. Annnnnd, uh… I don’t feel like I was missing much. (Also? Jennifer Lawrence is adorable but I’m tired of seeing her face everywhere. It’s like when you hear a song that you like and then the radio plays it OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER and finally you’re like, “STFU with that song already! That’s enough!” Yeah. That.)

6. Spent a good chunk of Sunday watching HGTV. “Love It or List It” is clearly scripted (apparently that’s a complaint people have about the show – that it’s scripted… well, duh. OBVIOUSLY it’s scripted) but, kind of amusing. And then I watched some show about Americans living abroad and now I really want to go to Australia and Amsterdam and probably several other places that start with A.

7. I’m in the process of un-crate training my crate trained dog. Not for all the time – the thought of leaving him uncrated during the work day, for example, makes me fear for the life of my furniture – however, at night time, I don’t want to crate him. Turns out, if I actually pick up any clutter, there’s nothing for him to get into. Win-win – my house is clean and he gets to sleep comfortably.

8. I’m so over the snow. The kids are either out of snow days are damn near out of snow days. I can’t remember that EVER happening before since either of my kiddos have been in school. SO over the snow and paying for snow day daycare.

9. There are a lot of posts brewing in my head that someday I may find the time to write and publish. I’ll work on it. I hear things and think, WELL, I HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY ABOUT THAT (Marissa Mayer, I’m lookin’ at you. With a scowl, you big ninny) – and then? I don’t write anything. I will soon.

10. In the spirit of the awesome girl power vibe I have going on in my house lately – I have to say that I’m pretty proud of myself that my drive way was the first shoveled after this gruesome dumping of snow recently. Not only that, but this mom with a shovel was out there before any of those men with snowblowers who live around me. And if THAT wasn’t enough girl power… The only person who offered to help (not that I needed any! *flex*) was the thirteen year old girl who lives next door! I don’t need or expect help – that’s not it at all (frankly, I’m enjoying the process of shoveling far more than I thought I would. Who knew?) – but it does surprise me that people don’t offer to help – except the neighbor kid. Girls just get things done.
grab a shovel

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