Thursday Ten: Merry Grinchmas edition

1. I’m…just not feeling it this year. I love Christmas, love love love it – and yet this year I can’t muster up the joy and the festive mood that makes this time of year so special to me. It’s kind of making me sad. It’s just weeks away and I am not ready. I have shopping to do and no motivation to do it. Where are all the Whoos from Whooville to un-grinch me?
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2. This weekend will be our annual cookie decorating party and I’m not sure yet how many children will be coming. You wouldn’t think it’s that hard to RSVP, but… apparently it is. I’ll spend Saturday baking for some fun decorating on Sunday. Maybe I just need massive amounts of sugar to find my Christmas spirit.
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3. I’ve been listening to a lot of new music this week – it makes me tremendously happy when music is shared with me so I’ve got some new stuff floating through my iPod – most of it is stuff I’m really digging a lot. I’d share a video if I wasn’t too lazy to look up how to use the old embed code from YouTube.

4. It’s possible when you cry over a Boyz II Men song coming up on shuffle that perhaps you’re a little frazzled. (It wasn’t even a cry worthy song.) Hormones are stupid. So is stress.

5. A lot of movies coming out around the holidays and I am finally going to make myself go. I cannot remember the last thing I saw in the theater (Dark Knight Rises, maybe? Seems like there was something more recent… but I can’t recall). But it looks like “Silver Lining Playbook” and “Les Mis” both come out on Christmas Day and Matt Damon’s “The Promised Land” comes out soon after. And “Django Unchained” is somewhere in there and now that I’ve been catching up on Tarentino films I didn’t see while residing under my rock, I think I’d like to see that too.

6. I FINALLY put my photos up. I feel tremendously proud of the fact that I did it on my own – and I’m pretty happy with how it looks for the most part. I will likely do another one at some point – perhaps one a bit less structured in design to give me a little leeway in measuring and keeping things level. Ah, to pick the pictures. And the wall.

7. December is crazy busy and shows no sign of stopping – dental appointments, school programs, holiday things at school, meetings. Bleh. TOO. MUCH. STUFF. The school stuff especially drives me bonkers – who is scheduling these things? Not a lot of thought given to those who don’t work locally or who work traditional schedules. Pbbbbth.

8. My Christmas shopping isn’t done, though I have to say, I have two things I have purchased for people that I am SO EXCITED TO GIVE. And as I typed that, I just got a smile on my face – maybe that’s what I need to get into the spirit – to finish my shopping, and finish by finding JUST THE RIGHT thing for the people on my list.

9. That’s great it starts with an earthquake, birds and snakes an aeroplane (Lenny Bruce is not afraid). I don’t think the world is gonna end next week. I just don’t. If I did, I wouldn’t have spent the previous items griping about my lack of holiday spirit and wanting some. I wouldn’t need any because, duh, end of the world. Anyway, I imagine I’ll still be around next week. Next month. Next year.  And so will you.

10. Yesterday (in an assembly I couldn’t attend because SEE ITEM 7), the Princess was honored with her classmates for making honor roll. Straight A’s no less. I’m so darn proud of her.


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  1. Oh honey, I’m totally with you on the meh holiday spirit. I don’t know what’s going on but I just can’t seem to feel very ‘Christmas-y’. Everything feels like a chore and not a celebration. #sigh

    Here’s hoping we both kick our funks soon! I’m doing some baking this weekend, as well, hoping the sugar kicks it up a notch for me.

  2. Congrats to the princess! 🙂

    I’m so over 2012.


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