Kitchen Through The Lens: Mashed Potatoes

let's start at the beginning

I wasn’t gonna make anything this week.

I got overwhelmed being away last weekend – and thus not grocery shopping – and having no real plan for meal preparation for the week.

And then I had a really long day at work one day and decided that the ONLY THING that could even make it a tiny bit better is a huge heaping bowl of mashed potatoes.

I don’t know if I’ve ever made real mashed potatoes before. I remember my mom buying (gah) instant potatoes when I was a kid. I know that for the big events, the potatoes were always real, but someone else always made them.

Thus, I ended up googling recipes for mashed potatoes.


You would too if you were me.

So, uh, I ended up on the Cooking Light website.

I know what y’all are saying to yourselves: WHAT? Light mashed potatoes? HAVE YOU BEEN SNIFFING GLUE?
No, but… you have to start somewhere and that somewhere might as well be a less artery clogging start.

The recipe called for boiling potatoes. Then draining the water, adding butter, some chicken broth, some milk and some sour cream.

But see… I didn’t measure. I just threw it all in my KitchenAid mixing bowl, blended and then KEPT TASTING until it was perfect (more sour cream… a little more sour cream… I think maybe just a tiny bit more sour cream. There. Got it. GOOD).

It was such an in-exact process I couldn’t even begin to tell you – but!

Potatoes. So, just add the ingredients in a way that makes sense and sample sample sample.

Also, make them earlier in the day when natural lighting makes them look more appetizing. Fall weather is hell on this project.

Next week! Something else with potatoes because HEY! I BOUGHT A BIG BAG OF POTATOES, Y’ALL.

mashed potatoes

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  1. That seals it. We’re having mashed potatoes and beef & noodles for dinner tonight.

  2. There’s nothing as soothing as mashed spud, lovely.

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