Thursday Ten: Can’t Think Of A Witty Title edition

1. As I type, I’m listening to Usher’s latest album – one of two that have been filling my ears this week. The second is the new release from Grace Potter and the Nocturnals – that one I’m still undecided about. Loved the first single, “Stars”, but at first listen, I’m not sure I love the feel of  this effort (“The Lion The Beast and The Beat”). It may take a few more listens.

2. I took this shot (this is sooc) outside of the Gerald Ford Museum in Grand Rapids. I love these flowers – all the bright orange lighting up my surroundings makes me smile. These are my two favorite colors right here. Sometimes mother nature has the best color palette.
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3. In book club, no one had read the book so, we didn’t talk about it at all. Yeah, that means we talked about the book five less minutes than usual. It’s not so much about the book anyway – though we all (usually) read it anyway. The conversation is often interesting – and right now, since most of us have daughters around the same age, we spent a lot of time talking about tampons and puberty and having “the talk”. Fun times. (Hilarious. ABSO-FREAKING-LUTELY HILARIOUS)

4. In the midst of life being…life… I have managed to continue to make time to keep capturing moments and life with my camera. It’s more difficult than I thought to get creative with images when I’m in the office most days. But it’s an effort that makes me happy when I manage to get a shot I love. I’m also still managing to do some fun portrait photography and that makes me tremendously happy.

5. Pumpkin has taken an interest in baking (sound familiar?). How am I ever gonna keep fitting into my clothes if both my kids are bakers?

6. I am forever grateful that I have been blessed with such amazing friends in my life. It’s a gift and I’m constantly amazed at the caliber of friendships I have, the people in my life. Even the comments on my moody post the other day lifted me so much – and that makes me smile. Sometimes (okay, lots of times) it makes me crazy that my friends are so far flung all over the world. I’d love to have ’em all here for awhile.

7. Whoa.

8. I had a substitute dental hygienist at my six month cleaning last week and the experience was every bit as gruesome as the words “substitute dental hygienist” might indicate. Thank god I am not one of those who is fearful of the dentist, because that would NOT have helped.

9. After a whole school year of somehow not knowing that Pumpkin had a classmate LIVING ON OUR STREET, we discovered at the end of the school year that yes! There’s another kid her age in the neighborhood. She and I wandered down the street the other day and she got to slip and slide with some of the kiddos and I spent a bit of time getting to know the moms. One of the women has lived on our street just as long as we have – and yet we’ve never met. I’ve lived in this house ten years if that gives you any indication of what an antisocial introvert I am. Very nice peeps, and the kids all had fun. Win.

10. I shouldn’t have cut my hair last month. It was just a few inches and no one noticed but me, but I really want my long hair back. It helps in the summer to weigh down ALL THE HUMIDITY FLUFF. I am grateful that there are so many frizz control products, but sometimes even the best of the best can’t fight Michigan’s humid weather. It’s about time for a ponytail.

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