Thursday Ten: Bloggedy Blogging Daughter edition

1. The Princess has started a blog. She asked, it was her idea – a friend of hers has one. This morning she published her first post. While I won’t be sharing the link here, I have to say I am so proud of my kiddo, and really do look forward to seeing where this takes her (Maybe she can start reviewing cool stuff too and give me her leftover swag – wouldn’t that be nice?). I’m a big believer in writing, though, and that the more you write, the better you get. Even if only family ever reads her blog, that’s cool – I love that she now has another outlet for expressing herself.

2. It’s staff appreciation week in my office. As you can imagine, after working from home for so many years – and before that for the same company (one that didn’t even have a holiday party), it’s kind of amazing to see the cool things they do to show us they care. A cookies and milk break the other afternoon, and yesterday a pretty nice luncheon (a great meal, fun dessert, and even a bar). I love that they do these things here – not only because it’s awesome to feel your work matters but because it really is fun.
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3. Pumpkin started talking about flowers dying the other day and it triggered my memory. “The flowers you gave me are just about to die…” I’ve had that old Tiffany song stuck in my head for a few days now. I have no qualms in admitting that yeah, it made me go to iTunes and download some of Tiffany’s greatest hits (NOT entirely sure how they managed to fill a whole album, but man, I hear those songs and I’m a kid again! I was probably about The Princess’s age when those songs came out!).

4. I have been dealing with the sinus infection from hell over the past week. As I type this, I’m coughing so hard that I think I’m going to develop six-pack abs from all the ab clenching. It’s been a pretty miserable go of it – I am feeling better than I was, but still not great enough that I risk spreading my germs to my lovely niece or to my friends new daughter – so I have not seen any of the babies in awhile. That’s no fun. When I saw my doc last week she said, “You have some bad luck with those sinuses, Sarah,” but when I asked her if she would surgically remove them she said no. (Do they even do that? It sounds awful, doesn’t it?)

5. Despite being sick, I went to shoot a family portrait session on Sunday and it was precisely what I needed at the time. It’s funny how I can feel like such garbage and then I pick up the Canon and… it helps. It was a fun shoot, with fun kids. I even managed to incorporate a John Deere tractor.

6. On the book front, being absolutely sick with cooties means that I missed Monday night’s book club meeting, which means that I didn’t vote in this month’s selection. To say I’m underwhelmed would be an understatement, but it is what it is and part of the thing that is supposed to be great about book club is to read things you wouldn’t otherwise, right? And I’m saying that no, I probably wouldn’t otherwise even look twice at The Aviary, this month’s book. I just ordered it, and as it’s a Young Adult book, I figure worst case scenario, The Princess may enjoy it when I’m done. Actually it seems like the exact kind of book MY NINE YEAR OLD WOULD ENJOY.

7. HOWEVER, if you want to read something funny, I urge you to pick up Let’s Pretend This Never Happened: (A Mostly True Memoir) which is (as you probably know) written by Jenny Lawson, aka The Bloggess. From her latest post, it’s currently #1 on the NYT Best Sellers List for nonfiction, so I’m sure you are all reading it already anyway. But if you’re not? It’s funny so do it.

8. Less than a month until Boston and the Avon Walk. I’m getting excited. It’s a lot of work, and I’m starting to get a little bit antsy about getting on a plane, but, yeah. Excited.

9. Playoff season was far too short for the RedWings this year. HUGE bummer.

10. I’m loving this cover of Radiohead’s “Creep” that I saw posted a few days ago. I’ve always loved this song, but this version is beautiful and adds an element of haunting prettiness (listen, you’ll see what I mean) to the original lyrics.

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  1. I love that cover. She has an awesome voice!

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