How do you recap bliss when you didn’t get enough?


Right now is the time where, in post-conference glossy-eyed endorphin high, people start writing posts recapping the fun they had. They tell you about what they learned, who they met, all the fun. There are pictures – such fun pictures – of laughter and friendship and just complete and total JOY (bliss… if you will).

And I’m at the point where I see these posts and pictures and feel a little jealous.

Don’t get me wrong – I made the best decision I could at the time (by the way? Baby? Still floating around happily in amniotic fluid), but my mom said today, “I wish the doctors hadn’t told your sister she was dilated or effaced – and you wouldn’t have come home early and missed your fun.”

If, coulda, shoulda, woulda.

Nothing to be done about it now (Except plan for NEXT YEAR – and the interim gathering with friends I’ll need to have well before then, because frankly, once a year isn’t enough).


But better to have had twenty-four hours than none at all, and I’m glad that I had the time I did have. There was an amazing line up of sessions – particularly the photography related sessions – that I was very bummed to have missed. There were amazing sponsors that I have heard raves about (personally, I wanted to hang out with The Lorax – though was thrilled to get a copy of The Lorax in my swag bag — it’s my sister’s favorite children’s book and IF MY NIECE EVER COMES OUT SURELY SOMEONE WILL READ IT TO HER).

Without being there, I know it was an amazing conference that was beautifully done and was super fun for all – because it always is.

I’m just sad I wasn’t there.

And I am tempted to PhotoShop my self into pictures.


I had twenty four hours in Nashville with some of my favorite people. Had I stayed the duration of the conference, it still might not have been enough time. But even just one day made my heart so tremendously happy. So I guess that will have to do… til next year.

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  1. Aww, yah that would have been a very hard choice to make. Family first 🙂 And like you said…there is always next year!!

  2. What If and If Only are painful phrases that only bring longing 🙁

    I’m happy to have gotten you for 24 hours, a breakfast and a photo walk. I’m glad to have been able to hug you goodbye, even if it was too damn early.

    I’m glad I now know how rockin’ you’re going to kill it in that black dress next year.

    <3 you, friend.

  3. You were definitely missed. I say we start planning some sort of “meet in the middle” girls weekend. I don’t think I can really go a whole year without seeing you again!

  4. I was there the whole time and it still was not enough. I miss my friends immensely! So very happy that we finally met and I’m already looking forward to next year.

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