Thursday Ten: Jet Lag Is A Big Stupid Jerkface Edition

1. Given the Avon Walk activities towards the end of my trip to California, I was already somewhat adjusted back to Michigan time by the time we returned. The girls, however, were not. The response I get at bedtime is, “But it’s only (whatever o’clock) in California!” Yeah, well, kiddos: WE’RE NOT IN CALIFORNIA ANYMORE. It’s taking them a long time to fall asleep at night, yet we’re still having to wake up for activities and errands – so… they’re kind of overtired. Hoping we get back to our groove soon.

2. I am typing on a netbook right now, and this little keyboard makes me feel like I AM A GIANT.

3. Google+… are you on it? What do you think? Admittedly, I avoided it at first, but I do like it. I also find it amusing how there are several people out there, non-tech people at that, racing to proclaim themselves experts at Google+. Which is fine, whatever floats your boat… but… why?

4. I don’t drink enough water.

5. This morning in the car, Pumpkin and The Princess were playing the alphabet game. We do this a lot – pick a theme and for each letter of the alphabet, come up with an appropriate choice for that letter. Today was “dog breeds”. Pumpkin is such a dog fanatic that she basically wiped the floor with everyone else. Especially when she spouted off “Japanese Chin” for J. And yes, that’s a real dog.

6. One of the souvenirs I bought for myself in California was a Cal ball cap. I love hats and have decided that on the rare occasion when I’m traveling, I’d like to get a new hat. I had a massive fail in Texas, because I wanted a UT hat and couldn’t find one anywhere (I ordered it when I got home which is distinctly not the same), so in CA, I found my hat on the Berkeley campus (where I was no doubt, overcharged, because hey, new students often pay too much to buy gear with their college’s name on it. I did back in 1994). When I was in high school, I really thought I’d end up going to school at Berkeley – but didn’t – so, I wanted a hat. Got it. It’s cute and I look adorable in it (says me).

7. Yesterday’s weather in Michigan was PERFECT. Of course, it won’t stay that way. Temps in the 80s and 90s in the forecast. YUCK.

8. I have decided I need to start wearing a watch again. I stopped wearing one when Pumpkin was a baby – I didn’t want my watch to scratch her head and neck when I was holding her, but now? I think I need one again. The silly thing is that I use my phone to check the time — I wonder if I’ll ever even LOOK at my watch.

9. I have FREAKISHLY LARGE HANDS. And not just when I’m using my netbook, but whoa – they’re really huge. I bet I can palm a basketball.

10. Our book club was unable to make a decision for this month’s book and we are doing the slow democratic voting process to choose one. The problem is that I read so much that I have read most of the choices people have given this month (“One Day” by David Nicholls, “Glass Castle” by Jeanette Walls) – and being the nice ladies they are, they want me to be able to read something new for a change. But currently, I’m reading Francisco Goldman’s Say Her Name: A Novel, and it’s beautifully written…so far. Just 10% of the way into the book which I’m reading on my Kindle (the kindle is great for travel, but I just prefer good old fashioned books).

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  1. Can your group read the Goldman book with you? Good luck on picking something!

    I too don’t drink enough water – keep trying but not there yet. Oh well. And Google +? I’m on it but not finding much reason to really use it yet. Maybe as more folks get on I will.

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