And Just Like That, Christmas Is A Memory

I cannot believe that Christmas was over and done with over a week ago.

With all the anticipation and planning and shopping and baking and preparation that goes into the holidays – it was over before you could say “Can someone get me another slice of cheesecake?”.

And that’s okay. The children are still basking in the joy of their newly acquired treasures including a shared dollhouse that the girls painted with nailpolish the other day and fumed the whole house out.

I am basking in the glow of my newly acquired levels of camera geekery – loving the beautiful captures of my daughters’ faces that I am getting with my lovely 85mm lens (Has it replaced my 50mm as my favorite? I don’t know but it’s sure a tight race).

The Princess went back to school today after two weeks off and it was with great reluctance that she hauled her fanny out of bed. She even blamed me for making it Monday {There’s a new mom-superpower I’ve managed to acquire: I am now responsible for the passing of time!}. But she survived the day and tomorrow Pumpkin will also.

By the end of this week, they’ll have re-settled in their routines of waking up early and getting dressed for school and filling backpacks with paper and notebooks and packing lunches and waiting for the bus and soon the novelty of staying in pajamas until dinner time (yes, The Princess did that one day this week) will be a distant memory.

Every year, I try so hard to get so much done around the holidays – cookies to bake, gifts to buy, presents to wrap, things to mail, and then all of the other things that crop up along the way that I didn’t anticipate (last minute tickets to the Nutcracker, for example).

It gets a lil hectic up in here.

And when things are hectic, I get a little cranky. And overwhelmed.

I had a beautiful Christmas and an uneventful New Years and now? Now I look forward to the joy of returning to a routine.

And spring. I look forward to spring, also.

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  1. We still have our tree up for another day or so. I wish I could leave it up until February to get me through the doldroms. Wake me up when it’s spring!

  2. spring is good. can’t wait to meet you 🙂

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