We didn’t opt for the “pawdicure”

Nearly six months of pet ownership and there may be a little bit of a groove we’ve fallen into. While the pup is by far still WAY more work that The Princess’s pet fish (Admittedly, I can go days without remembering there’s a pet fish), he’s a little less of a pain than he had been as of late.


He is one crabby little puppy when he feels neglected. It’s not uncommon for me to come downstairs after a few hours of work to find that magazine I was saving to read later shredded by vindictive little puppy teeth in a huge pile in the dining room. And know what’s uglier than a generic Croc? Pieces of a generic Croc scattered around the living room.

But things have been better lately – pulverized publications aside – especially since the puppy has learned the joys of going outside BY HIMSELF to do his business. Somehow, he’s a lot more enjoyable when I don’t have to accompany him around the front yard, holding his leash and shivering while he looks for JUST THE RIGHT SPOT. (And seriously dog, REALLY? Three laps around the front yard in thirteen degree temps? In the dark? In the snow? JUST TO DO THAT?)

So, now that I have a little more love for my pup it was with pet ownership pride (or pure laziness) that we booked pup for an appointment with the groomer to pretty him up (trim the nails, trim the fur and a bath to make him pretty pretty).

There are so many options of things you can have done for your dog – a stress relief bath (WHAT IN THE WORLD DOES HE HAVE TO BE STRESSED ABOUT? Up until a week ago, he had people following him around waiting for him to make a mess of the front yard like he was some kind of royalty. Him, stressed? I should think not). An anti-itch bath. A pawdicure (uh, whut?).

So, I’m being pretty frugal comparatively – just a trim for the fur, a bath, the nails. He doesn’t need a deep conditioning treatment (but I do – and I haven’t had one so by god, even if the dog DID need one…ME FIRST). No to this, no to that.

And then she said…

“Would you like me to address his sanitary areas?’


The uh – sanitary areas. She gestured to the vicinity of his undercarriage.

Yes. YES. THAT I’m more than happy to let them do. Whatever it was. Whatever they did. I don’t want to do it. I’m not that great of a pet owner.

Sanitary areas.


P.S. That picture above is the dog post-grooming – he looks adorable and is very soft and fluffy. As for the “sanitary areas”, I didn’t check but I’m just gonna assume that it’s all a-okay and I don’t have to deal with it.

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