Weekly Winners, Week ending 6.26.10

I’ve gurmbled and griped a lot this week, but no matter how busy I’ve been or what part of the state I’ve been in, OF COURSE, I had my camera with me. Here are some of my favorite shots. For more awesome weekly winners be sure to visit Lotus and the other participants.

The Dude must live here.

The shutter speed made this look like pieces of glass coming out of this fountain.

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  1. Those red chairs are calling my name! The second flower looks like it is swaying in the wind – LOVE the texture in the shot.

  2. great set! i think the first one is my favorite. so simple and so beautiful.

  3. those Adirondacks look awesome!

  4. I love the flowers!

  5. Those red chairs are FANTASTIC!!

  6. I want that rock in my rock garden. Well, my not so supposed to be a rock garden that is slowly turning into a rock garden because I really don’t think I’ll be planting flowers and putting down cedar shavings anytime soon garden.

  7. Beautiful shots! I love the detail in each of them. Amazing!

    We have a fountain near here like that, and my kids love to run through it.

  8. I love the reference to The Big Lebowski. It made me smile!

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