Every three minutes a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer.

I am currently in the home stretch of preparing for the two day, marathon and a half walkathon to raise money for breast cancer research and programs. I guess you probably know by now – it’s one of those causes that I’m passionate about, and I go beyond sending money to the cause, but giving my time as well. It still doesn’t feel like enough sometimes – but I’m happy to do what I can.

I think it’s important that people are aware of the statistics – just last night, as I opened a bag of Tostitos (I was craving chips and cheese SO BADLY, y’all!), I was faced with the stat: EVERY THREE MINUTES, a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer. That sucks. That’s too much. That’s gotta stop.

As a female and mother of daughters, I hope to see the day in my lifetime when there’s a cure… or that no one receives a diagnosis of breast cancer again ever.

Because of my support for organizations that put money towards finding cures, when Hanes approached me about their PINK line of clothing, I was happy to participate in spreading the word. Hanes has teamed with the Susan B Komen organization to become the official tee of the Race for the Cure series – and will provide t-shirts and socks to its participants (awesome, because I know from experience you definitely need cozy socks while you’re out and about doing these events!). These PINK items are available on Hanes.com and the socks can be purchased at Walmart. In addition to these efforts to raise awareness, Hanes is making a pretty hefty donation to the Susan B. Komen foundation – and that is definitely a good thing for a good cause.

They also let me know that Melina Kanakaredes (whose name I cannot pronounce but whose hair I have lusted after since I first saw her on the series “Providence”) is teaming up with them and she’s designed a few tshirts for the cause.

And I know the t-shirts are awesome, because Hanes sent me one. Mine is bright pink and lovely and says HOPE,which is so important – and hope is something I have quite a bit of. Not only does this t-shirt have a message I completely stand behind, it’s super soft, comfortable and I just love the design. And they are letting me give away one of these awesome shirts to one of you. To enter, just leave a comment below either telling me why  you’d like to win, or cheering me on in my quest to walk 39.3 miles in two days for this cause. The deadline will be Wednesday, May 26 at noon eastern.


In the interest of full disclosure: I was not compensated for this post. I did receive a t-shirt which I plan to wear proudly and often, but because this is one of those causes I believe in, I was happy to write this post because I appreciate efforts to raise awareness of this disease.

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  1. Because i too know TOO many women who have been effected by this disease I would love to enter.

    To share a bit of “hope” my good friend who was diagnosed the day she found out she was pregnant and had a mastectomy when she was 4 months preg., just passed her latest mammogram and MRI!! She, so , far, is cancer free in the breast that they did not remove 🙂

  2. I feel much like you. Each time I hear of a friend or neighbor diagnosed, I cringe!
    It shouldn’t be!
    And about your endeavor!


  3. I’m 43 and training for my first 5k run. My friend and I have decided to run our first race in the Susan B Koman 5k race.

  4. You go girl, I KNOW you can do it!!

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