Thursday Ten: Below Zero Doesn’t Work For Me

1. The temperatures this morning were cold. Very cold. With the windchill, we were looking at about MINUS SIX. That’s just too cold. I know, I know… it’s winter, it’s Michigan – this is what happens: It gets cold. But, ya know, I don’t really like cold. At all. (As of this writing, we’re sitting at a balmy 13 degrees Farenheit with a windchill of five below). BOO.

2. I decided to keep the KitchenAid mixer in that grey color. I’m glad I did – it’s a nice neutral grey, looks great in my kitchen and it has replaced the breadmaker as my favorite non-essential kitchen appliance (though both are inching their way into the essential column – I use them both frequently). The weirdest thing I have used the mixer for is to mix meat for meatballs (I hate squishing the ingredients together by hand) – but with the mixer, the texture was more consistent throughout and my hands were cleaner. WIN.

3. My bridesmaid dress is in a box in the front seat of my car waiting to be mailed. When I arrived at the post office today, they were closed. I hadn’t realized that post offices could just change their hours willy-nilly, but apparently they can. Jerks. Tomorrow I will mail this dress for the Cinderella Project. This unexpected crimp in my plan to cross this item off my to-do list put me in a tizzy. I may or may not be a little cranky today.

4. Since the post office decided to spit on my plans for the day, I came home and made a grilled peanut butter and chocolate chip sandwich for lunch. To be precise, I only put the chocolate chips on one quarter of the sandwich in case it was gross, in which case I’d still have 3/4 of the sandwich to chow on. BUT, it’s good. I’m sure I win no good nutrition points for my sandwich, but, it made me happy.

5. My sister gave me some samples of shampoo last week. I love the smell of Biolage, so I gratefully accepted her samples. The stuff smells great and my hair feels great, and I’m just going to try to not take it personally that this is the age rejuvenating stuff. Even my shampoo tells me I’m old.

6. The Princess finally started reading the Beverly Cleary Ramona books the other day. I bought them for her last year, and she avoided them until now. Now? She’s tearing through them. She’s gotten through two already this week and is working on her third. I loved Ramona. I’m ready to go start her on Judy Blume (No, NOT Margaret. Not yet.) I think she’d like “Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing” and “Super Fudge” – and because she’s at an age where she and Pumpkin don’t always get along, she’ll probably love the sibling relationship between Peter and Fudge.

7. I just had a flash to that one scene from “Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing” where Fudge doesn’t want to eat his corn flakes and his father said, “Eat it or wear it!” and then dumped the cereal on Fudge’s head. What books from your childhood (once you started reading on your own) do you remember most?

8. Last week’s Project Runway confirms for me what many critics are saying (YES, I READ PROJECT RUNWAY CRITIQUES. WHAT?) – that the judges are trying to not boot off the crazy personalities too early, lest the show be left with boring designers (boring designers with TALENT, but boring nonetheless). Because while the losing garment was pretty hideous, I think when you send someone down the runway with their booty unintentionally hanging out, you should be auf’d.

9. JD Salinger has died and I am neutral. I remember liking “Catcher In the Rye” when I was younger, but after re-reading it recently, I was underwhelmed. I remember that I had liked “Franny and Zooey” better – but I have yet to reread it. I just wasn’t a huge fan (and if I can find it, I’ll totally send someone my copy of Catcher, although now that I think about it, I may have already donated it to the library – as I do with ALL books I know I’ll never reread… “Catch-22” I’m looking at you – or I would be if I hadn’t given you away already).

10. I took Pumpkin with me to guitar lesson today. That was an adventure. She did okay, actually – sitting quietly (for the most part) on a piano bench while the teacher taught me bunches of bar chords. And actually, I did okay with the bar chords and after class me and the kiddo went to Costco and ate a bunch of samples of things we’ll never buy. Good time was had by all.

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  1. 1. I feel your pain. 2. I am so totally envious of your KitchenAid ownership! That is very exciting, no matter what the color may be! 3. I am so sorry your local post office workers left you out in the cold! I wish I could make up my own business hours! (wait a second… that doesn’t sound right). You are STILL leading the way in awesomeness, regardless of the whereabouts of that dress. 4. DUDE, peanut butter & chocolate has always been delicious. Never doubt it. 5. Shampoo is just there to smell good, not pass judgement on your age. 6. The Ramona series was one of my top 3 favorites growing up. I was seriously addicted! For some reason, my sister has all of mine in a box at her house. I need to get those from her, thanks for the reminder. 7. Fave childhood books: Anything by Cleary, the Babar series, and the Choose Your Adventure! books were the bomb. My all-time childhood fave is Rawls’ “Where the Red Fern Grows”. My 3rd grade teacher read it to us in chapters and I loved it so much then. I still read it once/summer.

    Hope tomorrow is a better day… thanks again, my fairy god sista! 😉

  2. I loved the Ramona books, Little House on the Prairie, Nancy Drew, and anything by Carolyn Haywood or Judy Blume. One of my favorite stand-alone books (because I read it so many times) is Island of the Blue Dolphins.

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