Where I Remind You What Yesterday Was….

 Yesterday was August 11.

That was a big day – you remember this, right? You remember me saying that something big was happening on August 11. I’m sure you remember.

Well, yeah.

Yesterday, Chris Mann’s EP came out. This was supposed to be out MONTHS ago – and I’ve been waiting for it since first hearing his music this winter before BlissDom and then seeing him perform and meeting him in Nashville. Was able to see him again a few weeks ago in Chicago – and you know what – seeing someone live really dictates how talented they are. And his voice? Swoon. Flawless. Smooth. (And it really doesn’t hurt that he’s CUTE).

Yeah. Chills. And the EP is good. All of it is good. It includes a cover of Kanye’s “Heartless” (sneak peek the video while you’re waiting for your download to complete).

So go forth and download. Whether you use iTunes, Amazon, or whatever your poison.

 Download Chris Mann’s awesome EP HERE

Bonus points if you can find me in this video.

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  1. Hmmm, wasn’t this the guy who knows you name?! ha ha

  2. Very cool, Sarah ! 😉

  3. Are you Changed?? How did I miss that you were in a music video???

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