Thursday Ten: I Don’t Really Like Tom Petty Edition

1. So, last week my guitar teacher started teaching me “I Won’t Back Down” and “Learning to Fly” by Tom Petty. This week, we finally got to the chorus of “I Won’t Back Down” and I was sure the teacher had switched songs and was playing “Free Fallin'” – so much so that I was mentally singing the “Free Fallin’ ” lyrics in place. Nope. Turns out they are just really similar-ish. To show me, she started teaching me “Free Fallin'”. Yes, I’m now learning a THIRD Tom Petty song and what I am learning most of all is that Tom Petty? He doesn’t really do it for me.

2. It’s about 91 degrees today. It’s too hot. It’s too humid. AND I HATE IT.

3. I got four postcards in the mail today – that was completely awesome. Made me smile. Nice to get fun mail every now and then. I’ve been sending out postcards like crazy lately because it’s fun to send mail — but it’s also fun to get it. Thanks peeps who made me smile today.

4. I’m getting used to my new camera. I love the shots I’m getting outdoors and when no flash is necessary. But once that flash comes into play – there’s just too much brightness. There’s probably a trick to it – one that doesn’t involve grumbling and stomping around – but I’m still stuck on grumbling and stomping, so… That’s what we’ll go with for now.

5. I have been sitting here typing and broiling. I just got up to go double check if the AC was on. Apparently it was set at 85 degrees. Hm. What’s the point in that? I’ve just bumped it waaaaaaaaaaaay down, so here’s hoping I quit sweating soon.

6. I saw “The Proposal” last weekend. It was pretty much what one would expect – but when they were in “Alaska”, I kept thinking to myself – wow, that is just beautiful… the water, the houses and stuff on the water? Just completely lovely. Well, it wasn’t shot in Alaska at all. Apparently, I don’t really want to go to Alaska. I want to go to Rhode Island. And Massachusetts.

7. New music this week… “Penintentiary” by Citizen Cope, a bunch of Damien Rice (Or was that last week?), and “We’re At the Top of the World”, an older song from The Juliana Theory.

8. Did you know that I’ve been reading “The Count of Monte Cristo” for MONTHS and I’m still only on page 34? Bah.

9. Warm weather makes me feel like hobo-roadkill (can I trademark that phrase, please?). I don’t put on makeup, because it’ll all melt off anyway. I don’t do my hair because the humidity is just going to make me look like I electrocuted myself. It’s ponytails and moisturizer and that’s about it. Even though I’m not a primp-y kind of person in ideal weather, it kind of stinks to always feel sloppy.

10. I bit all my fingernails off today, and I’m not a nail biter. I arrived at guitar lesson early and realized how long my nails had gotten and knew they’d be in my way. Grossly enough, I bit them all off because I didn’t have a file in my bag.  Now I have got to go find a file and clean these puppies up. And get a mani. Soon.

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