Put A Candle In The Window

Last night, shortly after I tucked in the little people for bed the sky started darkening with angry clouds and the distinct sound of rumbling thunder began to fill the air. Soon, the storm was on – flashes of lightening and crashes of thunder. And then the power flashed off and then on.

Then off again.

And minutes later? It was still off.


I found my way into the kitchen, lit several candles and then took a small candle with me to the mudroom where I found…


Glow sticks.

I had bought a ton of them one time because Target had them in their “Dollar Spot” area – and I figured they would amuse the children, but for a power outage, these things are just right. I didn’t want to leave candles in the girls’ rooms – both use night lights, and I wanted them to be able to find their way should they wake up in the middle of the night. I snapped two glow sticks, hung them on their doors and then tossed one on the hallway floor between their rooms and the bathroom.

Woke up this morning with no power yet, and an estimated restoration time of 4:30 – Oy. Fortunately, the power company had given themselves plenty of padding on that time, and we were back on by lunch. In fact, the power came on just as we were getting ready to go to Target… for more glowsticks.

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  1. Aren’t you just the most resourceful mommy ever 😉

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