Huh. So That’s What the Flower Is For.

About a month ago, I was reading PARENTS magazine. I had gotten a free one-year subscription with a paint set we’d bought Pumpkin for Christmas, and since I love magazines, I figured WHY NOT?

I’ll tell you Why Not.

At this point, my kids aren’t babies. Sure, some of their articles are geared towards older kids – but… not enough. Each month when my issue comes, I flip through it and see if there are any easy recipes or random something to read before chucking it in my recycling bin.


The last issue I read had an article about how to take pictures of your kids. That article explained some cool camera settings and how to achieve certain photographic looks. Sure, I could probably read a photography magazine and learn some awesome techniques, but make no mistake, I’m not really at that point. I’m just a point-and-shoot kind of photographer who wants to take pictures that aren’t horrible.

The article introduced me to the Macro setting. The Macro setting is often identified on your camera with the little flower icon. This enables you to take pictures close up without your flash blowing out everything with massive amounts of light. This is the look I’d (to that point) only been able to replicate using the soft focus photo editing feature, and even that wasn’t QUITE right.

The Macro? It lets me take extreme closeups of a water bottle. For no apparent reason. Because I’m all giddy over finally knowing what that stinking flower is for.

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  1. Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect says

    I love that setting! Just remember to switch it back to auto for regular pictures – sometimes I forget, and it messes up those regular pics.

  2. Awesome! It is so much fun to learn new things 😉 about the cameras 😉

    I get totally lost when reading photog books.

  3. OMG so that's what the flower is for! I've always wondered!!

    Checking off my new thing learned today. Whew!

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