Yellow Cars Everywhere – Or, What I’m Reading Now

Say you buy a yellow car. You’re driving around in your new yellow car and then all of the sudden, you are seeing yellow cars everywhere. Same goes for red cars. Or perhaps you got a pretty cool pair of brown shoes – and then you realize, Wow, look at all the people wearing brown shoes like mine.

Or you see an article in a magazine about a medical condition. Then you see a second article about the same condition. Then maybe someone loans you a book, and that ALSO has to do with the same obscure-ish condition. That is how I have come to be bombarded with numerous mentions of Locked In Syndrome this week. First, an article in People magazine. Then another article about The Diving Bell and the Butterfly (about a man with LIS). And now I’m reading The Second Opinion by Michael Palmer about a doctor with LIS. And before this week, I’d never even heard of Locked In Syndrome.

So far – the book is decent – but I like medical mystery/drama/thrillers (i.e. House meets Law & Order). If you’re into this sort of book – or you like books by Robin Cook or Tess Gerritsen, for example – you may want to give this one a try.

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  1. Anonymous says

    That sounds like a freaky syndrome !!


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