He Got All Fancy For Me Today

Today while I was at the hospital, Grandpa was sitting up in a chair by the window bathed in the unbelievable October sun (80 degrees here today, unbelievable). He shaved and then asked for a comb to comb his hair, and then sighed when he was done, saying how much better he felt just having performed those basic hygiene rituals. Who could blame him?

He was moved out of ICU at one this morning (sleep? Who needs it? Or as grandpa says, “When they woke me up to ask if I wanted a sleeping pill, they also told me they were moving me out of ICU.”). He didn’t mind the middle of the night journey – he was relieved to move, as is the rest of the family, relieved that he’s no longer considered in need of “intensive care”.

The liquid diet is not pleasing his stomach – so after begging for food, he really doesn’t want any of it, but he’s drinking tea like a fiend and that is making him happy. A nurse came in to check his IV sites today and got nervous when she realized that she’d have to replace both – knowing that most patients get grumpy about the removal and getting poked. Not him, though. “Do what you have to do,” he said. Never grumped or fussed. She was amazed. Meanwhile, I hung out and watched the whole thing, prompting my grandmother to suggest maybe I should go to nursing school. Being able to watch someone jab needles into someone and actually being able to do it yourself – well, two entirely different things.

I started my day with a walk by the river. The air was brisk when I ventured out – though as I mentioned above, it’s warmed up considerably. The leaves are turning color and were raining down on the trail – it was serene. After being hyped up on chaos, the fact that there’s been quite a bit of serenity infused into my weekend has been good.

Speaking of serenity, I stopped on my way home from the hospital to pick up a few things at the store – one of them being Tootsie Pops. I just wanted a cherry Tootsie Pop in the worst way. I got home, opened the bag, and found… no cherry. No orange. No blue raspberry. Just chocolate, raspberry and grape and ONE pomegranate Tootsie Pop. WTF, Tootsie Pop people?! I’m guessing I’ll be heading back to Costco for the obscenely large 100-count box, because I’m so disappointed! When did they decide not to make cherry anymore?

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  1. ((hugs to your grandpa)) I lost mine earlier this year and coming from a single mom home, my grandpa was my “fill in” dad. I love hearing and reading stories about grandpa’s that remind me of my own. The last time my grandpa was in the hospital, the nurse was shaving him when I went to see him and he felt like a million bucks afterwards. Anywho, ((hugs)) to your grandpa. They truly are awesome!!

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