Today’s the Day, Musings about Random Stuff (And Tax Day, Of Course)

Today is the big day – the finish line – the end of the road… April 15. I really was beginning to think it would never come. This tax season (and I’ve now survived six years as a tax season widow) feels like it’s been harder than any other, and though I’m not entirely sure why that is, it certainly felt endless from the midst of it. I’m glad to see it end, and am hoping that it won’t take long for our lives to regain some semblance of normalcy.

Hubby’s car is still in the shop. The mechanics apparently didn’t want to do any far-fetched whacky diagnostic methods… you know, like actually driving the car. They apparently let it sit and idle and could not replicate the problem Hubby has been having. I guess it’s only obvious to me that you can’t get a car that has been driving weird to drive weird without actually driving it. I have to say, I am not entirely sure how my husband selected this particular repair shop, but they have been of no use to anyone whatsoever. Actually – it has been nice having the garage to myself so I can park willy-nilly, but it would be way cooler not having to drive Hubby to work.

Speaking of driving him to work – it’s been two days now of hauling the kids out of the house at 6:30 to get him to work. I don’t particularly like doing it, and am hoping that they can get this fixed today. Today, as Hubby drove in (If he’s with me, I make him drive – oldfashioned?) I was watching the scenery. He took the “back way” to his office, one that is through a part of our town that is even more rural. Watching the sun come up behind barns and seeing the frost on the grass in the pastures, horses playing, and fields – HUGE fields – that were untouched by housing developments and stripmalls, I had a tiny bit of love for this little town. Rest assured, that doesn’t happen too often. I’m a city girl stuck in a small town – but today, it was so beautiful. Starting my day with the blessing of being amazed by what is so close to me, but so often far from my mind, could be perhaps what I needed today more than anything.

So here we are at the end of another tax season. As I’ve said, I hope that things fall back into patterns soon. Unfortunately, I know that there is the early period of adjustment – when I have to find my groove and Hubby has to find his groove and we learn to work around each other. I know that I fall into my independent woman mode when I’m used to being the sole parental unit around the house while he churns away with 60 – 70 hour workeweeks. For the first few weeks, we typically get in each other’s way – and I don’t look forward to that part. Yet, we muddle through and we will. We sure will.

Tomorrow, I’ll be out of his way, though. Tomorrow, I’ll be blissing at the day spa for hours on end getting pampered and my gosh, I can’t wait.

I hope everyone else has a beautiful tax day today!

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