Thursday Ten, The Getting The Heck Outta Town Edition

1. I am really bad at packing. I am going to be gone for three nights. You’d think I was going away for two weeks. It seems like just when I think I’m done packing, I remember something else. My bag is stuffed to the gills, and then there’s another bag for toiletries, and another bag for my laptop (can’t be off the grid, just can’t do it!), and then another bag for snacks for the road… Efficiency? What’s that?

2. Song of the week: “Unfold” by Marie Digby. Love it.

3. American Idol last night. WHAT the hell was that? I can think of several other people who should have gotten the boot before Carly. Like Brooke “Lost My Lyric” White. Sheesh.

4. I am having a hard time getting work done today. Partly, I’m excited by my trip. Partly, I’m nervous about the drive. Partly, I am just burned out and feel there’s too much to do that I’m probably forgetting to do. Ay yi yi.

5. Can you believe April is almost over? Next week is going to be May already. I swear, time is flying faster than I can realize. That’s partly a good thing, I suppose – but on the other hand? Wow.

6. I went bathing suit shopping the other day. Can I just say that would have been much more enjoyable had I done that immediately following my stomach flu where I wasn’t able to eat for five days? I’m thinking I would’ve felt a lot better about myself if I had!

7. I made a road trip playlist for my iPod. I’m actually really looking forward to that, for some reason. I’ll only hear but a fraction of it, as I stuffed it with 335 songs, but I also have a tendency to skip past stuff that isn’t floating my boat at the minute. I’m sure that will happen. It always does.

8. The Princess learned to ride her bike sans training wheels this week. It’s a pretty impressive feat, and she’s just getting better and better each day. My big kid.

9. She also read a book perfectly in class the other day. It’s such an amazing year for her.

10. Looks like our nice warm weather is going to go away for a few days. Daaaaaaaaaaaang. I’m ready for permanent warm weather. Any time now….

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