Open Letter to the Express Lane Cashier At Target Yesterday

Dear Mighty Cashier of the Express Lane:

When I got into your line, I did not realize that I had more than ten items. But seeing as how you were reading a tabloid, and there was no one in line behind me, was the dirty look as I handed you my basket with thirteen items really necessary? I’m terribly sorry for the inconvenience of the extra twenty seconds it took to ring up my purchases. I’m terribly sorry that you had to pull yourself away from the story of the lovechild of Britney Spears and the creature from Jupiter, but you know: DEAL WITH IT. That look on your face and the big heavy sigh of annoyance? It’s just rude. I don’t like rude. But I still love Target so I’ll be back and when I see you working the express lane, I’m gonna be coming at you with a full cart, lady – so don’t say I didn’t warn you.


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  1. just remember- she works at Target and they have to find something to be grumpy about. Go get her!

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