Thursday Ten, Volume Eight

1. Thursdays are just the day from hell. I know I’ve said that Monday is. And I’m pretty sure I’ve said that Sunday is, but Thursdays always have an element of Yuck. Today’s yuck was that Stepson has been sick for the past week and apparently his mother has neglected to notify the school and the bus garage. This means that for several days, the bus driver attempted to pick him up. After a few days of no-call/no-show, they stop trying to pick a kid up… UNTIL they get a call from home. We did not know this. So, this morning, when the bus was fifteen minutes late, I called the bus garage. They had not heard from Stepson’s mother – this was the first they’d heard from anyone. I ended up having to drive him in to school after the elementary kids (The Princess, plus the other kids I watch) got on their bus. He was an hour late to school, and I was pretty pissed off.

2. I have been having a hell of a time finding my favorite gum lately (Orbit Cinnamint). Today, I saw it at Target and completely stocked up. I have WAY more gum than I need now. It makes me wonder… is it that popular? Or that un-popular?

3. Songs of the week: Still grooving on Jack Johnson’s “If I Had Eyes”.

4. Tickets to the Jack Johnson concert go on sale on Saturday. I am buying tickets – I am so so so loving his music – and though I don’t know anyone else who likes him, I’m gonna buy two tix and worry about finding a “date” later!

5. A coworker pronounced me the “Queen of Awesome”. He will also be making me an official “Queen of Awesome” logo. I’m having it put on a t-shirt. I think that’s about right.

6. Surprised to see the stripper dude get voted off American Idol last night. I was really hoping to see that stupid horse girl go after her overly countrified version of “Eight Days A Week”. Vomit. Not that he was any impressive thing the other night, but, ugh.

7. A new season of Top Chef started last night. I’m a horrible cook – but love to watch other people do it! Last night’s Quickfire was to make a new version of the Chicago deep dish pizza. Some people put some strange stuff on theirs… stuff I’d never in a million years dream of putting on pizza (Um, Marmite?!).

8. For some reason, Marmite reminds me of Nutella, which I’ve never tried, but sounds really yummy. I’ve seen a recipe for chocolate ravioli using Nutella, and Giada DeLaurentiis (or as Hubby calls her: “Gi-hotta”) is always making desserts with Nutella. Tell me, am I missing something by being a Nutella virgin?

9. Yesterday was finally warm enough to get my walk outside for the first time in MONTHS. My goodness, it felt so good to be out there. Today, not so much. Cold and grey. I hate Michigan.

10. I’m dragging Hubby to a movie this weekend – Is anything new coming out? If not, I’m totally making him go see “Juno” with me – that looks really funny.

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  1. Another Orbit Cinnamint fan?! You can’t find Orbit AT ALL in our part of Canada, and when I excitedly bought a membership at Costco across the border, in part for the purpose of buying large amounts of my favorite gum, I discoverd that they sell every flavor but that one. The only place I have found it so far is at a little grocery store one minute across the border, and they sell it for $1.69 a pack. With my habit, that will rack up quickly. We should write them and see what the heck is going on. If they tell me they are discontinuing it, I don’t know what I’ll do. Jeans that fit my wacky figure, favorite running shoes, favorite skin products, etc……you name it, if I fall in love with it and HAVE to have it, they discontinue it.

  2. My kids and husband like Nutella. I can’t stand it. I even hate the smell. But I make my kids “chocolate sandwiches” (nutella on bread) and they are just lately eating “swirlies” (nutella & peanut butter). It’s a good alternative to pb&j and it’s got protein. Lots of people like it. Try it.

    Take him to see Horton Hears a Who. 😉 Um…husband friendly movies lately: Vantage Point, Jumper (both were ok). I think 21 comes out this weekend. And a fighting movie called Never back Down. Can’t say that you’d love that one, but 21 looks good.

  3. Inkling, I bought two 3-packs of Cinnamint today – it was 2 for $5 at Target. I should have bought more to hoard it.

    I think at Costco, the Cinnamint is included in an Orbit variety pack, but I don’t like the other kinds well enough to invest in that.

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