Saturday is Like Any Other Day

I really miss weekends being weekends. I miss the distinction between a Saturday and a Tuesday, let’s say. Lately, there isn’t one, and it’s kind of a bummer. This weekend is a National Guard Drill weekend for Hubby – it means he’s working long days both today and tomorrow. This means that like any other day, I’m on full mom-duty from 6 a.m. to when he gets home. It’s kind of tiring.

Fortunately, my mom gave me some downtime today, taking the girls for a few hours so I could veg and run some errands. Tomorrow, she and her husband will take The Princess out to lunch with them – at a time that somewhat corresponds to Pumpkin’s nap (whoo hoo). I do so appreciate the break from the routine and the stress.

I will find my groove for the tax season. I’ve done it before, and I know I can find it again. We are early in the process and right now, frustration is running high. I feel drained, I feel like I’m running low on patience, and to be honest, I’m not happy about that. I don’t feel like I’m being the best mom I can be these days, and that sucks. This morning, I found a load of laundry that Stepson had pulled from my dryer four days ago and never mentioned – of course, now it is a big wrinkled mess. I was so frustrated by the mess, by the fact that it never occured to someone to just fold the damn sheets – or to even carry the laundry basket in the living room so I could fold them. In the midst of my frustration about the sheets, I was clearly mad, and I said out loud, “WHY can’t anyone just help me with this?!?!” to which The Princess responded, “Mom, sometimes you’ve just got to ASK for help.”

And she’s right. I’m really going to have to get better about asking for what I need because clearly wrinkled sheets bothers only me. The sink full of dirty dishes isn’t making anyone else crazy. The Cheerios ground into the carpet seem to only be driving me nuts. I can chase around these kids and clean up everything the second they drop it – but the sad fact of the matter is, in two minutes they’re going to be in another room, doing more damage, and I can’t just follow them around cleaning up after them all day. It gets too difficult, I get too tired of it. This morning, I swept the hallway – and not five minutes later, Pumpkin dropped a bag of animal crackers and started stomping them into the floor with her sneakers. And out comes the broom to sweep again. I have got to find the balance of keeping my home clean and organized, and not getting worked up about it (suggestions are welcome!).

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  1. No suggestions but wanted to commiserate and say that I know exactly how you feel about keeping the house clean. Sometimes I have to work to convince Michael that the house was actually cleaned at one point during the day!
    We are all trying to find balance!

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