Cookies, Revisited

Today, The Princess has one of her kindergarten buddies over for a playdate. I decided last night to make gingerbread cookies so that the girls would be able to decorate them today. Let me just say that gingerbread is like crack to me. I don’t know when or how I developed this gingerbread addiction, but I remember last year when prepping for the cookie party that I kept nibbling on the little gingerbread cookie scraps, and again this year. And of course – the gingerbread latte habit I’ve developed.

Soooo… I made bunches of cookies last night, and I’ve eaten less than a dozen of them – which is not bad, right? The girls are decorating and making a mess – but they are having fun. I’ll send a bunch of them home with the Buddy so that we can get them out of the house and we don’t have to test my willpower too much more.

Must. Eat. Gingerbread.

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