A Bit of Sleep Would be Nice

It’s never a good sign when your day starts before 6 a.m., but mine did today. It was a late-ish night, attending the wedding of my cousin and his new bride. I wore my lovely dress – the one that I could eat in and dance in without being uncomfortable, and while I was more than comfortable (though freezing my butt off), the dress proved to be tremendously unflattering in photos. But that’s alright.

Last night also brought the first REAL winter of the season. As we were driving to the reception, the roads were already becoming slick. By the time we left the reception, the roads were nothing but straight ice all the way through.

The highlight of the wedding for me was being seated with my sister and her boyfriend. My sister is ten years younger than me, which means that when we were kids, we didn’t get that whole sisterly thing. It’s hard when you are at completely different stages in life. Now that we’re older, though we don’t necessarily have a lot in common, we have a lot more fun together. She came over in the morning to flat iron any of the wave out of my hair (she’s in cosmetology school, which comes in handy for special events!), and then I saw her later at the wedding. I didn’t really know her boyfriend well – he’s quite shy – but he had a bit of liquid courage at the wedding (which was probably a good thing – he met A LOT of our family in one night! That is very overwhelming!) – not so much “courage” so as to be obnoxious, but enough to get him chatting, which was fun.

Because my sister and I are a snarky pair, we did have fun “discussing” family that we hadn’t seen in awhile (including another cousin who was dancing like she needed a pole). We even had a few laughs at my mom’s expense – including our reply to her yelling to our table to ask if we were behaving ourselves: “No. We’re not sharing our crayons and we’re eating all the paste.”

The bride was from a huge Italian family, and the groom (my cousin) is from a huge herd of Polish and German, so dinner included both kielbasa and pasta, among other pretty standard wedding food stuffs. There was (happily) no polka, but several other weird musical interludes including a long 15 minute endeavor which included both the Michigan State fight song (boooooooo!) and the U of M fight song (Go Blue!). I still don’t get the purpose of that whole exercise, to be honest. It was quite weird. But whatever. The bride and groom were lovin’ every minute of it and it was their day.

After a long drive home (and a stop for a decaf gingerbread latte on the way because it was COLD! I needed to warm up! I had on strappy sandals for crying out loud!), I feel asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow, and was unfortunately awoken too soon this morning.

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