Attitude Problem

The Princess is getting an attitude. This is slightly different from her diva-thing she has always had going on – that was kind of cute. No, this attitude is one that makes me alternate between wanting to home school and wanting to send her to boarding school. I am not sure if it’s little bits and pieces of things she could be picking up from school, or elsewhere (because go figure, she is addicted to Hannah Montana and those repulsive Zack & Cody kids on Disney — and they are just rude kids!!), but man oh man… Gonna have to nip this one in the bud.

The worst part of it is the defiance. Part of it is likely her testing the waters a bit (I’m sure I posted this before!!), but it doesn’t feel that way to me in the face of it. When I tell her to do something and she tells me “no”, and then I repeat myself and she once again tells me “no”… Whoooooo buddy. I can’t imagine ever in my life trying that with my mother (to be honest, probably still wouldn’t!).

I’m trying to find a way to nip the attitude without yelling and being the bad guy all day. If anyone has any ideas, that would be fantastic. By the end of today, I felt like we were finally making some headway… but I have a feeling this is not gonna be a one-weekend fix.

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  1. We went through this too. I don’t remember how I beat it though. I’m not much help.

  2. I think you need to be aware of everything she’s absorbing through media. Input equals output. Garbage in, garbage out.

  3. Oh man, you made me chuckle just now. I’ve been reading your posts, catching up from the past few days. I love the part about being between wanting to homeschool and try boarding school. I just love your sense of humor. =) Good luck trying to help her lose the attitude while not losing your mind.

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