Well, The Kids Are Recovering

I’ve resisted catching the cooties my kids have been coughing up or have been dripping from their noses for nearly a month now. I didn’t get bronchitis. I didn’t get the “upper respiratory infection”. My nose was not runny. My throat was not sore.

Was is the operative word.

Last night, after sitting outside at the soccer game, I came home, thawed out and realized that I feel like complete and total hooey, and that yes, I’ve finally caught the cooties.

My head hurts. My throat hurts. My nose is running. I’m sneezy. I’m coughing. I’m dizzy as all get out because I’m so congested.

This. Really. Sucks.

The kids, on the other hand, seem to be doing just fine. In fact, they have energy to spare, and have been driving me up the wall: “Mom! Look at me!” “Mom! I want chocolate milk!” “Mom! I want to watch Dora!” It’s all normal kid stuff, but right now, all I want is to curl up in bed in my warm jammies… sleep for awhile. Maybe take a nice hot bath after that. Go to sleep some more. This being sick stuff is not fun.

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  1. circle, circle, dot, dot,
    now you’ve got your cooties shot.

    sorry I’m late!

    Hey, it’s Friday. Does that mean your hubby can take over for you this weekend so you can spend all day lounging in your flannels sipping hot tea & honey? Yeah, I vote for that!!

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