Why The Princess LOVES Her Daddy

This morning, Hubby and his friend ventured out to brave the throngs of soccer moms at Ticketmaster to get tickets for The Princess and her best bud, L (who is the friend’s daughter) to go see HANNAH MONTANA in two months.

As soon as I heard tickets would be going on sale, I started reading about it – how it’s like this major frenzy for tickets – how Hannah is selling out arenas in seven minutes. Sheesh. So, Hubby and Friend would go in person, and I would stay at home and try to buy tickets online. We read in the paper last night that they would be doing a lottery for tickets (for inperson sales), to discourage people from camping out. Fine by me – can’t think of any singer or band I would camp out for. When Hubby and Friend got there, they got their numbers, and when the Ticketmaster folks drew the starting number – It was Friend’s! Yeah, first in line.

Which rocked – because they were able to get four tickets – and by 10:02 Ticketmaster online was already showing no seats at any price available. Sheesh.

The Princess is rather excited, and I know she’s going to have a blast. It might be somewhat painful for me and the other mom (dads buy tickets, moms go to the show) – especially since she really doesn’t like Hannah Montana, but it will definitely be a special night for the girls. So, yay for Hubby for being a good dad!!

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  1. Gotta love a Daddy that’s willing to do stuff like this. He ROCKS !

    I hope you & the Princess have a rockin’ fun time.


  2. The newspaper today said the tickets sold out in eight minutes. I canNOT believe it. Needless to say, this is a huge deal that The Princess is going. She’s excited. Hubby said all the women at Ticketmaster were just gushing over he and his friend: “What good daddies you are!” (gag! I mean really – why SHOULDN’T the dads be out there?!?!).

  3. Wow! Those are some serious Daddy brownie points he’s earned there….I think Husband would rather eat glass than stand in line for Hannah Montanna tickets. But I’m with you…why shouldn’t dads be there?

    BabyGirl would be pea green with envy. She LOVES Hannah Montanna.

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