What the Smell?!

I haven’t wanted to post about this problem until the problem was solved and it was no longer a problem, because, well, yeeeeeeeeeuch.

My house, specifically my living room, was seriously stinky yesterday. It was an odd smell I couldn’t place, but by god did it hurt my nose, make my eyes water, and annoy the bejeebers out of me. Yesterday, I searched high and low for forgotten cups with milk (I have young kids, it could happen) – no cups. I searched for dirty diapers that didn’t make it to the trash (didn’t expect to find one, and gladly, I didn’t). I looked for misplaced snacks, trash, you name it.

Of course, none of these things were anywhere to be found. I may not be a super-neat-freak, but I’m not a slob. Today, I pulled all the cushions off the couch and vacuumed underneath. That didn’t get rid of the smell, but it probably needed to happen. I pulled the heating vents out and vacuumed any crumbs trapped in there. Again, that didn’t get rid of the smell, but… I hosed off Pumpkin’s booster seat. It’s now shiny but it still didn’t get rid of the stink.

I was getting seriously peeved (which prompted The Princess to tell me, “Mom – Attitude is EVERYTHING!”) and was sitting on the floor folding laundry, when it hit me. The stench? It was Hubby’s workout shirts. Yes, they had been washed. In hot. With detergent. And fabric softener. BUT they still stunk that bad. So so so nasty. I took the whole load of laundry, popped in back into the washer, and voila. My living room smells fine. I emailed Hubby at work, “The culprit? YOU and your STINKY CLOTHES!” His response, “Guess I’ll stop working out, then.”

Of course, all the magical cleaning I did in search of the stench has been cancelled out by the girls pulling every book out of their basket, and making a carpet out of blankets, and emptying the toy bin, and dropping socks and shoes wherever they felt like it.

But at least it doesn’t stink.

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