Yesterday, The Princess wanted so badly to play with a friend, so when she called her good buddy L and found out that L already had company, she invited them both over.

Moms, you know this – three is never a good number when it comes to kids playing. One is inevitably left out – and even if that isn’t the case, the dynamic is certainly funky. The Princess was not on her best behavior. Neither was L. I don’t know enough about the Other Girl to know what’s typical for her (she lives across the state, with her mom and is only visiting her dad for a bit).

After an hour of playing, L and Other Girl went home. The Princess was upset. When Hubby asked what happened, The Princess said that Other Girl twisted her ankle and so OG and L left. The Princess had asked them to help pick up all the toys they had taken outside to play.

Apparently, L said to The Princess, “Would you rather we help you or would you rather Other Girl DIES?!” (Um, the girl walked home fine… wasn’t even crying… I don’t expect death was near on the horizon, but love girls and their drama).

Hubby asked The Princess what she replied. The Princess said, “Duuuuuuh. I told them to HELP me! Every one knows the rule – you get it out, you put it back.”

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  1. weavermom says

    That’s hilarious! 🙂

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