I Hate Halloween

Far and away, Halloween is one of my least favorite holidays. I have never really gotten into Halloween, save for those years when I was a kid, and Halloween meant getting a pillowcase full of candy and then binging on Reese’s cups for five weeks straight. As an adult, I like Halloween even less. As a parent, dare I say – I hate it.

Buying my children costumes so they can go door to door begging for candy which will only serve to make them hyper and greedy, as well as rot their precious little teeth? Fantastic.

The neighborhood kids have been at the “trick” part for a few days, egging several (almost all) of the driveways in the neighborhood, as well as spraying them with ketchup, vegetable oil, and what appears to be motor oil as well (Hello? EPA?). Fantastic. Fortunately, our driveway managed to remain free of condiments and such, which makes me think the little wanna-be-hoods were friends of Stepson’s, cutting us a break (or they could be confirming what it is we already know – we are the nicest, most wonderful people on the block… Take your pick – either explanation makes sense).

Tonight, The Princess will wear this hideous Barbie Mermaidia costume. Pumpkin will be a dragon (dinosaur?). We will take them trick or treating, then ration their candy like prison guards or some such. (And we’ll probably eat more of it than they will!).

Does ANYONE like Halloween?

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  1. I do. I like that it’s just a fun, silly holiday. There’s no getthefamilytogether stress about it like there is for Thanksgiving, and no Santa’sgottagetitright stress like there is for Christmas. No helovesmehelovesmenot like Valentines. It doesn’t last forever, there’s not really a build-up. It’s just simple. Dress the kids, get some candy and it’s over. That’s why I like it. But then we don’t have too many tricks in our neighborhood yet. Just some pumpkin smashers.

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