A Happy Coincidence

I knew several things would happen when I didn’t return to the office full time following Pumpkin’s birth: 1) I’d be able to be closer to my kids on a day-to-day basis, all day, rather than feeling like I had to have “make up time” at the end of the day (which I’d felt with The Princess), 2) I’d be able to breastfeed longer, ensuring many health benefits to Pumpkin (and cost savings to my wallet!), 3) I’d save money from not commuting, less lunches out with co-workers, etc. There were many things that went into making the decision and went into my ultimately working part time from home. One thing I never considered was getting to have a better relationship with my sister.

My sister is nearly 19 and because we’re so far apart in age, it’s never felt completely like a sibling relationship. As the years go by, the age gap seems to narrow. Since I’ve been home, I’ve gotten to spend quite a bit of time with Sis as she has had a fluctuating schedule for her college classes and work schedule and she drops by frequently to visit the girls.

Yesterday, Sis and I went shopping. My sister is gorgeous, and has a pretty keen fashion sense. I do not. She decided it was time to go jeans shopping (“I’ve never seen you in a pair of jeans that fits your butt right!” she told me). What fun we had. The rule was, if she picked it out, I had to try it on, and after 15 pairs of jeans, I did find a cute pair. Granted, it’s not my normal style, but it was fun. We’ll probably go out again on a shoe shopping mission (though she’s the Flip-Flop Queen, because we’ve both had extensive foot surgery, so flip flops rock my world as well).

We finished shopping and split lunch: water/soda and a shared bag of Chex Mix. It was a really fun time. I really do look forward to getting to be more like sisters as the time goes on.

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  1. Farm Wife says

    I too am getting to know my sister. She’s 7 years my junior and we weren’t close. Now that she’s expecting everything has changed. She calls me, I call her…We’re friends. Isn’t it fun to have a friend you’ve known since she was born?

  2. My sister is six years younger than I. It doesn’t make for fun times when you’re younger, but now that we’re older we’re closer than ever…thank goodness. I don’t know what I’d do without her.

  3. Hey there, since you like flipflops, have you ever owned a pair of Tevas? Those are really good sport sandals and they look pretty cool, too.

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