Whatever It Takes

I bought a Swiffer Carpet Flick at Walmart today. The Princess has been “Flick-ing” all of our carpets, and I’m actually pretty impressed with this goofy orange thing. It’s quiet, it’s light, and it’s getting all the crap off my floor.

The only part that grosses me out is the amount of crap on my floor. Ick.

My floor looks almost decent and I haven’t had to do any work. This could be the best $12.50 I’ve spent (this week, anyway).

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  1. Farm Wife says

    I was wondering about those things. Either brilliant or total crap. Nice to know they may be brilliant!
    Baby Girl wants one.
    I have a bagless vac and it repulses me to see how much junk is in my carpet by the time I get around to vacuuming it!

  2. Ooh is that the big tape roller?

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