Do You Sleep Anymore?

I sure don’t! Pumpkin had me fooled into thinking she was on the mend last week, by starting to sleep through the night again. She wasn’t just sleeping through the night, she was sleeping about 11-12 hours each night. THEN – the tides turned or something, because the past few nights have been horrendous. Wednesday, she was up at 4:30 a.m. (though I was able to get her to doze for a little more at about 5:30 for a half hour). Thursday, she was up at 3:30 a.m. to eat. Given that she has been showing cold symptoms again (when her nose isn’t running, it’s extremely stuffed up – so congested that she’d been having a hard time eating), I fed her a bit (gotaa give lots of fluids, you know). She fell back to sleep for another 30-40 minutes and was up again. I had told Hubby on Wednesday night before bed that he was going to have to get up with her, so he did – and unfortunately for him, she never did fall back to sleep for him – until I took over at 6:30.

This morning, The Princess heard Hubby get up for work at 4:30. The Pumpkin hadn’t woken up at that point, and I was already happy when I realized that hey, we might have turned the corner here. I told The Princess that 4:30 was not wake up time, and got her to go back to bed. About ten minutes later, Pumpkin must have heard Hubby leaving for work… and she started crying. I let her fuss until 5 a.m. and went in to feed her — and she was almost back to sleep… But The Princess came back in asking if it was wake up time yet.

And then it was.

5:15 and all three of us girls hanging out downstairs. Needless to say, I’m exhausted already. I’ve just put Pumpkin down for a morning nap (AND SHE IS NOT NAPPING!!). She has been rubbing her eyes and yawning – she is so tired. I have the crib mattress propped up to help her breathe a little easier, but still she cries.

I’ve probably scared my childless friends from wanting to procreate – because I’m so exhausted. I’m peeved that Hubby couldn’t have been a tad quieter getting ready for work! I wish Starbucks made delivery (wouldn’t that be awesome?). It’s going to be a long day, and Mommy already needs a nap.

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  1. Sorry you are having such a rough time! Hopefully you have something coming up to get you out of the house? I sure need a break too! I’m babysitting this morning until 12noon (he’s been here since 8a) and I’m SO HOPING for “normal naps” here today so I can rest too. I’m headed scrapbooking tonight and I SO NEED THE TIME AWAY! I have no patience and PMS – bad combo! 🙂 Hang in there – I feel your pain!!

  2. Farm Wife says

    I hope sleeping gets better. We’re having a better time. Puppies and Baby all slept until 4:30 or 5 the past 2 mornings. This is a big deal at our house!

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