Aim High…

Actual conversation with The Princess in the car today:

The Princess: Daddy, do you know what I’m going to be when I grow up?
Hubby: I don’t know, tell me.
The Princess: A battery changing girl – do you guys know what that is?
Me/Hubby: No, can you tell us?
The Princess: It’s who goes around and if something needs a new battery, I put it in.

Hm. That won’t much help her support Hubby and I when we’re old and gray.

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  1. Apparently your gift of batteries from your husband for Christmas made a big impact on her.

  2. You know, Cate, that didn’t even occur to me! Yeah, she probably has an inflated sense of the importance of batteries now! ; )

  3. Hmmm I don’t know…. I might be willing to pay someone to change the batteries in all these TOYS!! If she’d offer a service for removing toys and such from those nasty wire ties… I’d be first in line to hire her 🙂

  4. She can come hang out at our house. If anything breaks #1 Son runs to the junk drawer for batteries. Hey, maybe they can go into business together.

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